Does Lebron James Deserve More MVP Awards?


Let me tell you what. Lebron james is notorious for a other than skipping town. Go to another team other than that you know what. He's famous for taking his foot off the gas to a regular seasons when he went back to cleveland. You remember that he was like i don't mean to have the number one seed. I don't need to kill myself during the regular season. that's why he didn't win. Mvp's he undersea deserve to have more last year. Janas was the mvp unwanted convincingly and overwhelmingly. Why bernie 'cause the year before. John is wanted and lashio. Jonah's had better numbers than the year before. And the milwaukee bucks had the best record in the nba. Lebron james was really shocked because he had some false narrative going on that he was the mvp. Come on bernie has some humility. You don't have to do that. Politics will knock it you an. Mvp saying goes true. Greatness needs no self promotion. And we've talked about this probably at least once in every show we've done robin that is lebron is incredibly insecure about his legacy. If he's really the king what is he. Allow these things to get under his skin. He did it last. September when he lost out on the mvp then he says well. What really pisses me off. Allie got sixteen votes out of. That's what really pisses me up. Look if you want to continue to die in this hill lebron. You're going to continue to be seen as petty and al kuzina says the mvp's very political award. Yeah so is the mvp and major league baseball in the nfl. Probably the nhl and the heisman trophy right on down the line. Linda brown goes on to say. I don't sit around thinking about it or crying about it. That's what he just said that's all. He does time even when they won the championship last year and i gave him top credit. Lebron fan never will be better given top credit. Because the lakers are a franchise of eras you had to wilt air the jabbar air the magic the kobe and shaq era negative lebron air to win a championship and when he did the first thing he does say i want my damn respect do what he. What are you constantly begging for. What exactly is it. What happened in because you know why bernie it tells you all you need to know. He knows deep down. He's not the best player all time he knows his michael jordan. That's why it's always looking for these other things to add to his resume. That's why he he wants an mvp and you know what he sees now. He seems j. He sees james harden in brooklyn without a kevin durant and they've won fourteen out of fifteen or whatever the number is bernie and and he's looking going and when a went out to lakers stumbled he's not going to win the

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