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Let's talk about what who you are how you got online and what your favorite platforms are. So let's start there. yes. I'm originally from england. I came to america. Twenty two to get my commercial pilot's license. Because i thought that was how is gonna travel around the world but it turns out when you get you commercial pilot's license. You don't get to go to bali short trip so hang on a second. This isn't quite what i signed up for. But i did my training in long beach and i grew up watching laguna hills on mtv. And i was like one day lauren. Conrad and i'm gonna drive down h. And i'm going to be in my convertible. We're gonna have lunch together. And so. I always have that vision of wanting to live in southern california. I didn't realize that a pilot's license was going to be the thing that got me here. But when i got here i fell in love and i didn't end up becoming a pilot. I got my whole license but came to america on an old one visa and started to go jobs like this. British jackson turns out a lot of british people. Thinking the same thing in la special. But i did go for an audition to be on a youtube channel and that was probably about ten years ago now nine ten years ago and i got the audition and i found out that my one talent in life is talking and working out at the same time. I can do that all day long. So i started working for a channel on youtube. Grew it to like three million subscribers. We eighteen months. I got paid forty dollars per episode but it was just the excitement of being part of youtube and it was workout videos. And i found something that i knew. This was my thing after about a year and a half. They decided they didn't want to film anymore. I didn't understand why no problem and it took me about a year and a half to get my confidence to fill my own channel and have my own videos now. Been doing that for coming on six seven years. I've got my own fitness that we have a pocus. I just had a best selling book and life is great. But it's really been a lot of grit determination and hard work. But now i'm in a place. Where just loving life and just enjoying everything that's happening so talk to us about the. What is the team. Look like to be able to build videos and editing and all that stuff. What does that look like when you when you start when somebody says okay. I want to assemble cheang because nobody talks about the team. The talking about you should do this. Here's the tactics. let's start there. I love that question. And it's so funny because i think it's always something that i'm working on so i do have a team now but when i'm very first study doing youtube and i still have my camera like a souvenir i had one hundred and fifty dollar sony camera setup on a tripod and i would shoot myself and i had the camera and i didn't realize until about six months later that you could flip the camera so that you can actually see yourself so no joke i would get into the show. I would do my jumping. Jacks put my arms in the air go round replay double check that i was in frame and then go back again. Yes you guys were always learning. So there's a war you if you have a flip camera that you can actually build meals but we didn't have fancy iphones back then. So this hundred and fifty dollars. Sony camera and then as i started to get more things coming on i would have insurance and are actually find people of craigslist. That's where i found most of my employees. Because i have much money at the beginning to help so i started to get people who would do things like my cleaning and my laundry so that i could spend time on that so it was like. Where can i navigate my time. Where is it best spent. And what can i delegate to other people with the money that i have like that sits like what do you have and use that phospholipids. Six years of having this company. I now have a full app team. I have somebody that does my emails. I have a chief business officer. I have a video an editor a personal assistant. Somebody puts all the input in the app. And has that runs my social media and mound. My mom is also working for me. So like i have like nine ten people that a part of my team but at the beginning i did everything i edited did. The blogs did the calendar. Absolutely everything and as things got better. I've been able to bring more people on at a different level. So okay she craigslist. So what did you do run on ad on craigslist. Or he just started surfing people on the job descriptions and setting the messages in. How did you know even how to lead them. You know what i mean like. That's like all right now. we're i. This was hilarious. This more. No kidding this is talk about the flip. The camera thing. I had the flip the camera moment this morning. I'm driving down the street. And i own a virtual system company fifty voice. Okay i own want. And i literally. I'm driving down the street. And i'm talking to the woman who is running dot company. 'cause i don't run that company at all. I have one meeting a week. And i don't run the company and i said wait a minute as a as a running strategy for that committed. Why is my company. The other company hardcore business. Why are we looking for social media. People to post are to put my social media. Team is like all of a sudden decide to be trainers and they're all gone right and there's all happened like the last six weeks and so i find myself postings or outdated like eight figure company and i'm back to posting right and i go. Why am i looking for a virtual assistant. Why don't you go find me. Virtual system works. That would be great for this job and so you know sometimes the common sense is in common and you know one of the things i think you probably develop skills on is like Like okay we find them on craigslist or wherever. And how do you get over the hump of not knowing how to lead them or what to ask them to do so for me. I've done everything in my business. So i knew how to set up even the web stuff. I knew how to write a blog. I learned all the skills myself then. I put an ad out honestly. It was for like an intern. Like hey social media person needs how with you know inputting blogs or whatever was the i was doing. I basically wrote my own job description of what i needed. Help with like you need any experience because at the time the people that i was hiring work. Twenty twenty one twenty two. Because i couldn't afford to pay them. You know somebody who was thirty five and had ten years of experience in like managing a team. So i like she learned all the skills myself i would put an ad out and then i would meet them nor at my house but like a nice cafe because it looked better right. So i do these interviews and i have interviewed. I've really got it down. At the beginning. I was interviewing like ten fifteen people a day for two days straight instead of just doing a quick zun things like oh. It's right in front of us. Why don't you just young paul with them because you know in the first i believe ten seconds if this is going to be the right person for you like with. It's just a feeling and for me. It didn't matter about how much experience they had. It was if i liked you and if we connected and if we gelled so like great i like you. You're a cool person. I'm gonna have you come in and then we're going to do an internship so for a couple of weeks just to see if you've got it and you know we're right fit. I'm gonna teach you these skills that i know. Then y'all gonna do it tell. Show tried to tell them what to do. Show them how to do it with them. Let go off and do it themselves and so we just things that i knew to how to teach them and you know this was thanks to a made and things always perfect. But it's better to have people doing eighty percents of you rather than to do absolutely everything because you never be out of scale and you won't be able to

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