Disney pulls some movies from Disney Plus Kids profiles


Disney plus has stripped its children's movie section of a handful of classic movies including dumbo. The aristocrats and peter pan because of their racist stereotypes on the stories matter section of the website disney explains why each iconic movie was being pulled. This scene from peter pan and they're saying the film portrays native people in a stereotypical manner and repeatedly refers to them as redskins. They pulled dumbo because the crows and the musical number. Pay homage to racist minstrel shows. In this. what you're hearing from the aristocrats and they're saying that's one of the. Siamese cats is depeche. Gun is depicted as a racist caricature typical traits like slammed to is and buck teeth and he speaks english very poorly with chopsticks. They're out disney plus Theme parks will pull like the rides like pants completely. They're pulling it. From the children's section of disney plus adults will still be able to access the movie. There will be a disclaimer. You know like we've seen a few other of their movies of what is to come other classics. That will include that warning lady in the triumph and switzerland

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