Why Theres A Cross on San Franciscos Highest Peak

Bay Curious


Mount davidson crossed. We sent bay curious producer susie rancho to find out just west of twin peaks above a quiet residential neighborhood is mount davidson park. It's not well known or well marked but once you start. Walking one of the parks trails. You're surrounded by eucalyptus trees and you start to forget that you're in the middle of a major city coming up trail breath mason amazing view when you get to the top. You see two things of you that stretches all the way to the east bay and one very big cross. The cross is an imposing sight. It stands at one hundred three feet tall and ten feet wide at the base made of concrete it stands in stark contrast to blue sky and the eucalyptus grove that surrounds it to learn more about how it got here. I went to mount davidson historian. I- jackie proctor. Jackie says the crosses origin story goes back almost a hundred years to nineteen twenty-three two time when the area was a forest a guy named james decatur who is a employee of the western union telegraph company and with the ymca hikes through that forest and comes to the top and he sees this incredible view of downtown and he is just overwhelmed. Inspire knee writes this long essay about the experience. Peace and quiet were so profound that it seemed almost unbelievable that the noise and roar of a great city was only a few minutes behind them the solitude of the forest conveyed a sense of fastness quite as real as one would experience among the age. Old monarchs of the high sierras

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