Battle Acts: France Beefs up Its Forces


Two thousand thirteen french armed forces have been stationed in the suhel fighting jihadists francis forces have been stretched just over five thousand of its troops for a region. Roughly the size of western europe. Such counterinsurgency operations might be challenging. But these days francis generals have their sights on something far larger forests in the plains of the champagne ogden region. The armed forces are beginning to prepare for the return of a major conflict exercise. Orion a giant drill plan for twenty twenty three who involve the full range of french military capacity on a scale not tested for decades specter of high-end war is now so widespread When you talk to military analysts that is an acronym for this scenario. Hei which stands for the english translation is hypothesis of major engagement. Sophie pattern is our paris bureau chief. And it's really a seismic shift. I would say for french forces because if you think back thirty years ago most of them were involved in overseas operations in peacekeeping and if the last decade it's been a question of counterterrorism or counterinsurgency most that side the being in operation but can in the sahel or even a counter-terrorist operation could operation centeno in france itself. But last year the head of the army general tilly bucker presented a strategic vision for twenty thirty looking ahead to the next decade and in it he described an outlined the need for the to prepare for high intensity state on state conflicts and he had this line which is very striking. He said the return of a major conflict is now a credible

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