A highlight from No Country for Any Men

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Now wesley you know. I'm someone who doesn't really believe in spoilers. I just don't understand it. But i it's the thing i've learned to love about you. Yes you know. This is a controversial take. This is a controversial opinion for most things. It just doesn't really bother me. If i know the outcome. It does not take away from my enjoyment that said there are some exceptions to this rule survivor in drag race. I don't want any oilers so this is all a run up all a preface to say that we're going to do something we both deeply loved to do on this podcast which is dive so deep on a movie that we will have to spoil it and that movie is the oscars sugar baby promising young women written and directed by emerald fennel. Yes it is nominated for several academy awards including best director. best picture. best actress for carey mulligan. Who plays the promising young women of title one of the promising young women the title. And you and i cannot stop talking to each other about this movie which is such a signal for us that we gotta work it out in the room so just a heads up look. This movie is dark. This movie is violent. It includes sexual violence. That's our warning you've been warned but we hope you'll join us anyway because it's going to be a really good conversation. Yeah you also do not have to have seen this movie to listen to. We will be. That might even be having this conversation in lieu of you're seeing the movie i recommend you watch it because i think it's worth watching but we're not going to spoil the movie we're going to enhance noi something. That's a good way to put it. I'm wesley morris. I'm jenna worth them. Weird to culture riders for the new york times. And this is stu

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