Should Bruins be Concerned about Tuukka Rask & the Shayne Gostisbehere Dilemma | Poke the Bear w/ Conor Ryan - burst 5

Poke the Bear


And they were they were promoting Shayne gostisbehere the night before like they had a a slow mo shot of Adam with the Emojis and stuff which I think is a black historical but they waved him on Tuesday morning. They finally waved Shayne gostisbehere. Obviously. Yeah, it's transaction. We have placed defense machine guns front waivers today and the amount of quote Keats far outnumbers the amount of regular Retreats that this got this this was a good sign. Yes. This one was this one kind of broke Twitter a little bit, but obviously if you don't know. Sarah was like borderline. Delete a few years ago. Like everyone was you know, the hyper and she and gostisbehere. She's like a flyers always have like these young guys who they pipe up to, you know these amazing players and then it's like each other pretty average actually, but gostisbehere was a perfect example of this and obviously with past couple of years. He's deteriorated interior deteriorated this year that whole Flyers team has just been garbage wage and they waved him now. He cleared Wednesday morning. He cleared went away. So no one has picked him up yet. Now the question every NHL team is pretty much facing at this point. Mainly the Bruins or

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