Audio Systems for Echo Devices


Today i want to go into a little bit about the different ways that you could potentially set up your echo devices to create A little bit more advanced auto systems beyond just a single echo device. And i think there are three main ways. You can do this. You can have multi room music a stereo pair speaker set of echo devices or a complete home theater system using your echo devices. So let me explain a little bit about each one so that you have a better understanding and then if you want to go ahead and set one of these than you have a better sense of what's involved so multi music this allows you to play your music in multiple rooms across multiple echo devices so you can have the devices in different rooms and they can be added to multiple groups and this can include speaker sets and home theater systems which will get to in just a moment and you can also control your audio settings on each device if you want so think of it as a way of creating a system where you can play your music in multiple rooms at the same time make sense. That's what is called multi music the next system if you will is a speaker set or a stereo pair and this is where you can actually pair to compatible echo devices for left and right sound during music playback you can then have the option of adding an echo sub for deeper base but these devices have to be in the same room and the author you settings like volume are shared by all the devices in that set unlike the multi room music where you can choose the volume for example of each one of those devices okay and the last one is a home theater system and this is where you can pair one or two echo devices with a fire tv for your home theater and that can include an echo sub as well it's support some of the more Advanced audio features like dolby atmos but when it comes to choosing volume and other settings those are shared by all the devices in the system. Your fire tv remote can control the home theater volume But not the tv volume by default. Just so that you know that. But that is adjustable in the fire. Tv setting so devices in a home theater group needs to be in the same room And that's a little bit about

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