Lack of Paid Sick Time Could Be a Barrier to Vaccination


Of today everyone sixteen and older is now eligible to receive a covid vaccine in every single state more than two hundred million shots have already been given in the us so far about half of all adults have received at least one dose. The vaccine is free whether you have health insurance or not but even minus the massive logistics of distributing the vaccine there are logistics involved in getting it and some workers are having trouble getting paid time off to get their shots or to deal with side effects from the workplace culture desk. Marketplace's megan mccarthy carino has the story when washington dc software engineer lori. Barth got the vaccine last month Kind of kicked her but headache chills. brain fog. I don't think i could have read taxed on screen comfortably. Loan sit up in a chair. Barth didn't have to worry about working through the pain because she got her vaccine on a weekend and she has plenty of paid sick time. She could've used but not all workers do says vicki shavuot a senior fellow with new america. And you could very easily see how it would be financially impossible and potentially job risking for a worker to be able to get a vaccine. There is no national requirement that employers offer any sick leave much less a couple of days to get vaccinated and low wage. Essential workers are among the least likely to have paid time off says elite schools with the economic policy institute. They may not have a lot of power negotiate for when the best time is to have the vaccines that they make sure. They don't have to work the next day. In case there's side effects said that impact them thirteen states and several dozen cities do mandate some form of paid sick leave and many employers like mcdonald's starbucks and wal mart have offered paid time off for employees to get vaccinated doric rice a law professor at uc hastings. Says it's important. That workers have vaccine time off on top of their usual sick leave.

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