Derek Chauvin Convicted of Murdering George Floyd


Conviction of former police officer Derrick Show, Vin. Murder and manslaughter charges. A jury took a little more than 10 hours to find Children guilty of second degree murder, Third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. ABC News senior legal correspondent Sunny Hostin. This was highly unusual. I mean, it's always clear to prosecutors that quick verdict of fact, fast verdict really hints at an agreement journey for George Floyd's family. Ben Crump, we framed this moment. For all of us, not just for George floor. This is a victory for those who championed humanity over inhumanity. President Biden says the conviction can be a giant step forward for the nation in the fight against systemic racism. He calls on the Senate to pass a police reform bill okay by the House and named for Floyd. So far it is deadlocked in the Senate. Chuck's Iverson, ABC News Now here's what's happening

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