WHO Announces the Global Youth Mobilization for Generation Disrupted

UN News


And initiative uniting climate activists greta timberg and the u. n. Health agency launched on monday to give young activists the opportunity to get funding for innovative solutions. To the impact of nineteen the scheme which is called global youth bye-bye station in association with the big six youth organisations comes as hundreds of millions of young people. Continue to feel the strain of the pandemic according to the world health organization. Who nine and ten have reported increased mental anxiety during the last fifteen months and more than one billion students in almost every country have been impacted by school closures. More than eight. In ten young women are worried about their future and one in six young people worldwide have lost their jobs during the pandemic. The health agency noted head of the w. h. o. Tedros adhanom ghebreyesus insisted that the agency wanted to be sure that young people's voices energy and solutions where at the center of the world's recovery from caveat nineteen an initial two million dollars of funding will be available from five hundred dollars to five thousand. Applications will be possible by a centralized platform which is available in multiple languages for more information visit. Www dot global youth mobilization with zette dot walk

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