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Howdy everyone jim. Brac meyer here. You know i've had many so-called low points in my life getting fired from my job as a major league baseball broadcaster. Finding out my wife was cheating on me by walking in on her ploughing. My neighbor bob greenwald with strap on writing says or the time i paid a prostitute to snort. Crank off my johnson and a handicapped stall in bangkok while sunburned. German watched us from the toilet. But boy. I've never actually hit rock bottom until now with the launch of the jim brock. Meyer podcast on. The lebatardshow friends network has right. I'll be joining the ranks of other bloviating the celebrity gas bags who believe that people actually give rat's ass by what they think and on. This journey with me is my co host and producer. Sheena dodd has sheena. hi brock meyer. Yeah we'll be talking sports with some of the biggest names who responded to my text messages. Or who owed dan lebatardshow favor. I guess people like Charles barkley rich eisen. Djamil colin cowherd. Joe buck really. Were having joe buck on yes brakemeier. We'd been over the no cross it off we already booked him Come on shutler. He's the biggest broadcaster in america. Always got the biggest head in america in every sense of the word and gave her seeing them in person the crown of his skull. The tip of his chin is three feet boy. I didn't even do that. Episode logistically speaking. I don't think zoom or whatever you call. It has enough technology to fit his whole head in the camera lens. Wherever i think we'll figure it out it's going to be fine. Oh man can't believe. I have a conversation with joe bucks eyebrows. Well that podcast episodes gonna suck the point of this is to get people to listen to the show and great Okay folks listen to the show. Make sure to click subscribe on the jim brock. Meyer podcast 'cause. Most of the episodes won't suck joe book.

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