Apple Introduces AirTag Tracking Devices

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One other announcement that a new brand new category for apple one. That's been rumored for a long long time air ptacs. What our air ptacs. Yeah airtags were rumored forever. They're leaning on the on ship. Which is apple's like a very specific. Location based ultra wideband chip. That can point to where something is very specifically a room a beacon That's on recent apple devices. It's that's what these are and so that you could located and not just you know where something roughly is but actually they showed an apple points to how many feet away it is and like a game of hide and seek and then you can finally get there besides playing hide and seek with it. I feel like You know the potential to prevent things from lost like nine dollars each or ninety nine for a four pack Yet to get you can't just slap it on anything. You have to get certain key ring or a case so you know. I guess you're not meant to put them on your children But like so tempted to try that and they have. They have direction based thing. They didn't talk about a are. But i am interested in that. Because we're gonna get to a point where they are. Apple has is rumored air headset start forever but also items have to relate to each other in order to locate them for a are and maybe these little beacons are the beginning of that that's kind of theoretical but yes. Samsung has these trackers. Now that are also similarly wide ban based Based tiles out there so and apple opened up its tracking. Os support for these things. So yeah it didn't make a big deal of those. They kinda just introduced them.

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