Playing To Win With Leadership Habits


Welcome to the salon. Nba podcast. I'm your host helena gibson founder straight hair solutions and creator of the seven figure salon academy if this is your first time with us. Welcome this is your one. Stop show for tips and tricks. Different ideas inspirations. On how to build a strong foundation for your salon or beauty business. I am so low this week. It is raining cats and dogs right in front of me so odd for san diego. So we're tucked in the house. And as i was coming up with what i wanted to talk about i wanted to kind of piggyback off of what we talked about last week which was culture in how we all have a culture even if we didn't realize it or not it's definitely in our business which is reflection of us the owner or ceo and that's the same thing with leadership so that's going to be our theme today animates ads. Just give you a couple of tips on that anson. Different things that i use as a leader to help guide my team and in our salon program which is our six months signature program. These are some of the things we go over for building the foundation for your salon business or any business for that matter because culture and leadership our key to creating a strong teen environment to scale past six and seven figures in your business so let's start with leadership. Basically leadership is the lid. She scaling to fix in seven figures. Wherever your wherever. Your top is your masks You're going to be able to take your business so again. Think of it like a ceiling Pop lid off and so a few key traits that the leader that the leader needs one is clarity of vision. You have to have a mission that so inspiring in so big that you attract he a players. It's gotta be something that gets you out of bed to especially when it's a saturday and we're doing here and you want to stay home and lay in bed we all do or whatever your your mission. Your vision has to be very clear for your team to buy in to. And we work on that all the time and i'm constantly refining and while and then actually our mission with us with our academy is so clear of helping thousands salon owners to reach financial freedom by twenty twenty five. I mean how big of a vision can you get the right. I mean it. It's just so big and then eventually all make it even larger. That's just a start in the next four years and impacting many families. So what kind of mission or vision do you have an how you communicate that to your team to get their buy in with it as well. The other one at number two is communications skills. We are in the people business so we have to learn how to communicate with other people and again something. I'm always refining. And i found that over the years. It's gotten much better. But there's still a ton i could work on and improve even in my own communication skills. Sometimes i come off. You know just a little rougher than i would like With my delivery but again. It's something i'm aware of and something that i'm working on. So your communication skills with your team with your clients with your vendors is extremely important because you're building relationships and one of the things are talk about. Is people buy from people. They know alike and they trust. And if they don't like you they don't trust you. They're not going to buy from you and that's a key Key from communication. So you really definitely wanna make sure you've got that down. The third tip for leadership is building. A-team i've heard great. I heard a great quote last night. Where gentlemen was saying. I'd rather be friends with them than co workers and resent them later and that really was profound. Because i've had that happened with a few team members before and you have to be able to build a team and you have to know when somebody doesn't fit in that team in a more it can't be oj so great a wildlife her. She'll get better. Hey if you're trying to impact on your mission if we're trying to hit thousand salon owners and help them reach their goals. I can't have c. n. d. players on my team just because i like them personally. They've got to go because then what happens is they stay too long then i end up resenting them later they resent me later it. It's just it just doesn't serve anyone so i love that saw out. It's even worse repeating. I'd rather be friends with them than co workers and resent them later. I i thought that was huge. The other thing is fostering a great culture which we dug into last week silent. Go over that again. But you have to have a great culture

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