A highlight from Episode #531 - Coffee Mugging


From that point take the pill created policy. Everybody the legion of skanks. Podcast we are doing our brand new second show of the week It's just a skanks wants able to skanks are off year. Of course david smith what's up. What's up yeah. And then all the way from jamaica in his cabana puerto rican rattlesnake himself home. He's he he went home to soak up the local fair. This louis. j gomez shirt laverton everything. I remind everything. Just i remind you know the bill. The sun is shining behind me. I got the family servant at the pool goes on vacation. He doesn't even try to hold in the dish he's like. Listen doing this. He goes. But i'm given up on my sobriety mind tracers. We are excited to have you with us today lose because they monday show Zach and. Dan was riddled with speculation of what happened. Because you gave me very. It was for you very under detailed yet. Listen jay it. Just take take a moment to just appreciate the force of nature. That is louis. J gomez louis. Louis doesn't have the most successful business in the world. He's not the funniest joke writer that you've ever seen. He's not a reasonable human being by any standard -an but things he he doesn't jamaica doesn't have the perfect really. A likable person looks at attribute. He doesn't have the personality. He can't hold onto A relationship for seemingly more than a few months. But the point is louis can go all the way jamaica and he was still the star of the show the last episode list. It's the louis. J gomez show. We're all me and you. Jay were just characters in the show and the lucia gomez show. That's fair. I'm i'm the news. Yeah or you know the common denominator problem. You know what. I mean the common denominator the muse. I'm like i'm like that band mutes. I'm a british emotional and if totally We have to know the the fans Are listening and dying to know because we were all speculation last week about what happened with this. American airlines dispute and i have a feeling in some capacity. We were right in what exactly happened. But i do want to hear the full story from your side. Are you on a no fly. List will disclose that in a moment okay. We're not working backwards. Was that movie that started with the end. Men were mental a mental dumb a mental illness. And whether i get back to the country. Let's let's start. Let's do it memento saga so i'm covered in flight attendant blood. How did we cover tattoos. Saying i'm drinking coffee faggot. Isn't that what happened in memento. He called the flight attendant Got banned from american airlines. All right now you are doing memento style. They'll start to be getting everyone's excited. You're going to puerto rico or jamaica. Come on don't disrespect. Jamaica by calling discussing in lowly puerto rico. You got it. That's fair okay. So you're ready. Let's take us from the beginning. You're ready to go to jamaica. You're like i got my. I got my girlfriend. I got my baby mama. I got a couple other ex. Got a lot of people who are sister one hundred year old auntie kay three year old little girl. It's it's like like national lampoon's vacation the he's on top of the station wagon sport. We try sports. Outside of the car loses like i got my kid. I got my sister's kid. I got some random kids. Found some local kids Let me ask you a question club. The tweet because i don't even remember what i tweeted. I wanna know what you think happened that i will let you guys know how close you are to reality. Okay thanks bobby. All right just got threatened to be added to american airlines. Do not fly tag tags. I'm drinking a cup of coffee. Why serve a cup of coffee. If that's the case extremely light agenda doesn't know how to talk to people won't be flying this airline again garbage airline again. Because i'm on. Do not tell you. American airlines is like we agreed with that last sentence for sure garbage Now to say what is thought happened there one. It struck me so much that it sounds like why. I assume you did something wrong. We're not even something wrong but you just go with the flow of something is because you genuinely wrote that in the same tone when someone gets kicked out of a comedy club goes. I guess you can't laugh in a comedy club. They kicked us. We were having to out. They kicked us out. We laughed. And i'm like well lewis and this is what we were saying the last show. Your accusation comes off as if you're saying that they went sir. Would you like a beverage and you go off a cup of coffee go. Here's your coffee and then go. Just take a sip they went. You can't sip dallas you definitely. It's coming off very like what are you. What do you mean. I can't in this store you sell cigarettes you. You must have gotten the call from off of the plane onto the plane now now here. I i'm okay. I'm okay with them. Giving it to him. It was a point in time he was standing. It was something where he couldn't drink that. Second there's more to the story just before you. Every i only had two hundred eighty characters and the story. So i feel like i gave them the torch. Just can't drink coffee on planes ever again. I'll tell you what happened. Okay so i go to the bathroom.

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