ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres Won't Be Reopening

The Big Picture


Our favorite movie theater. Our movie home. Since we moved to los angeles amanda five years ago me nine years ago. The arc light movie theater chain apparently is not reopening. And i'm i'm really sad about this hour feeling amanda. I am personally gut it i listen. It is ben a year of loss and on the scale of things like a movie theater that charges. A lot for tickets is is small but as you said it has been a huge part of my life. A huge part of your life. A huge part of the lives of a lot of people in los angeles who go to see movies which by the way is primarily what los angeles does so a pretty big community. And i've really been looking forward to it reopening i drove by the pasadena location just this weekend and tempted the fates and said to my husband. Won't it be so nice. When the arc light reopens so close because we move during the pandemic and we can still go back to the ark light. And i just kinda feel like my insides. Dropped out a little

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