What Can You Do With Old Wind Turbine Blades?


Dr anthony leiserowitz and this is climate connections. Wind energy is good for the climate. But when a wind turbine reaches the end of its life span. Its blades are hard to recycle wind. Turbine blades are huge and strong. So they're difficult to grind up and reuse and they're made of a mix of glass and plastic fibers that are tough to separate so most end up in landfills is causes the problem filling up the landfill and also causes the problem of placing a non biodegradable material in the landfill which will be sitting there for hundreds if not thousands of years that's lawrence bank of ruined a research group with partners from four universities including the georgia institute of technology. He says this problem is urgent. Turbans have a lifespan of about twenty years. So many older ones will soon need disposal. Rewind is working on ways to upcycle these blades in ireland. They're using large pieces to make a bridge on a pedestrian and bike greenway and at a wind farm in kansas rian plans to try placing old blades vertically in the ground and using them as electrical transmission pulse bank sees big potential in both ideas and he thinks these early projects will help the market. See it to. We hope that this will demonstrate that the the uses for these large wind turbine blades. Climate connections is produced by the center for environmental communication to hear more stories like this visit. Climate connections dot org.

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