A Sketch for the Street Cops

The Doodler


I had a picture in my mind of the doodle. There was a flyer out with him. This is james andrei bowls officer blue suit driving a black and white with my partner. In november of nineteen. Seventy five bowls was just off a short stint in homicide but still on the force and still in touch. Well san francisco outside. You know we thought it was best homicide unit on earth. They were working on the dude alert at that time. And so i talked to everybody who is a very very Topic of discussion. Five people have been killed two more assaulted and now that there was a composite. Sketch felt like only a matter of time until someone found this guy. Like a lot of cops james bulls wanted that someone to be him. I knew what he looked like. And so i was working alone one night and show. I told my lieutenant. I said I'm gonna go look for this this homicide suspect and i don't remember call do. I'm going to go look for this homicide suspect. I'm gonna go down on foot. And see if i can spot them. So i went to eighteenth and castro and i spent the evening. Their bowls walked around in the castro. Trying to envision the dude a black man about six feet tall slight build route twenty years old and matching the composite. Police sketch well about nine thirty. I saw this guy walking down the street and he fit the description fairly well. He was bought the right height build and me looked really heiki. His right arm was straight. It didn't bend at the elbow. And he's wearing a long peacoat bowls jumped into action without another thought. This was his chance.

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