Prince Philip Mourned At British Imports Shop In Plymouth, SE Of Boston


Britain's Queen Elizabeths husband. Prince Philip WBZ TV's Michael across, stopped by one Plymouths shop with a special connection to the British Royals at British imports of Plymouth. The passing of Prince Philip. The Duke of Edinburgh was the topic of discussion among customers. Thank you so much nicer. Thanks, Barney and the shops, owner Unity, McClane and then obviously all the Kings and Queens of England as I was going by the shop today, but I just have to stop in and said so sorry. He did live a very long and full life. But ah lot of excitement. McClane grew up in England and says her dad knew the prince. My dad used to play cricket on his cricket team. They were great friends and wonderful night together. McClane respected the princes, dedication. The country in appreciates how he was the Queen's sounding board for more than 70 years. He was about the only person who could turn around to say and say to her when she came up with an idea where you're talking about that's bloody stupid. Royal watchers say the queen will now most likely turn to her Children to consult as she continues. To leave the country. His funeral is scheduled

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