Dr Randall White: Hearing Voices


Today. I'm very happy to introduce you to dr randall. White doctor white is the medical director of community mental health in vancouver and the clinical director of the bbc's psychosis program at ub hospital. He is also a clinical professor of psychiatry. Ub and on the medical advisory board of the schizophrenia society and dr white is also being awarded the status of distinguished fellow by the american psychiatric association. This year randall. Welcome to look again so you know before we really get into things. I want to kick things off by sharing some thoughts from our panel. We're going to hear from some people with lived experience about what it's actually like to hear voices. So let's take a listen now. I have experienced auditory hallucinations and olfactory loose. The nation's physical hallucinations i don. I was in labor ban. That was very interesting to say. The least i need to say go to the hospital. My family were with me and they said is just a your imagination which i accepted and then old factory hallucinations where i smell things. I started hearing audio auditory loose nations again and actually work van hallucinations of actually one of the segue. And i don't know if you already know. And i don't feel like i've not to listen to this this nations so but yeah i did have them anyways just them so i went to the segue. Go put on where medicine do much better. Yeah there's really really anxious. When i checked myself were dr white. We just heard from people living with mental illness and the fact that many of them hear voices. but not all people with schizophrenia. hear voices in your clinical experience. How prevalent is this symptom. Hallucinations are one of the five main symptoms listed in the diagnostic manual. We use to diagnose schizophrenia. they're very common. But as you said. They're not universal. I would say that. Probably three quarters or more people with schizophrenia experience. At at some point it can be episodic so at a given time somebody with this diagnosis might not be having that. But then when they have relapsed to their muskets worse it may come

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