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If you're up in queensland you see if i remember rightly in may nights very low down on the northern horizon but it's a northern hemisphere constellation but one of the stars. The middle star of the handle of the plow has this companion so the styles of the plow really quite bright. The definitely naked ice does but the they're they're a bit like the selling cross down near there spectacularly style particularly when you look at them through binoculars but right next to this middle star in the handle of the plow which is called meizar or measor. Is this little companion. Called alcohol. And roger is right that are core is thought to be gravitationally bound to to miser. Because they're the same distance away and as they move through space and remember we've got the guy spacecraft which is exquisitely precise in telling us about the way stars move through space as they move through space they moved together and so even though there the forty years that rogers talk is not long enough to see alcoves position change with respect to to miso is probably going to take thousands of years to see an a difference but the thinking is that these two actually bound together gravitationally which makes them a binary system but in fact he's more than a binary system. This goes to the second part of rogers question. Because i'll call itself as a companion which was discovered. Buck in two thousand nine. It is not that not that faint. Actually it's eighth or ninth magnitude. It probably wasn't detected early because it's quite close in and it's a red red dwarf star. Which are the communists stars in our neighborhood so that is is also a also co moving with the mizo system. So it's is an in fact. I think there are more self. I think is a quadruple system. So you've basically got six stars which are in a in a sort of cosmic. They are multiple stars and they're all orbiting a common sense of gravity. So yeah it's what is sometimes known as a stellar sextuplet. That's basically what it is. So a rudge's observations gray. I as a said. Every time i go to the northern hemisphere which used to be quite regularly seems to have stopped. If it's if if i've got a clear night i always have a look for alcohol. Suddenly i can only see it through binoculars. Now is roger said. It's a good test if exit with the naked eye. It's twelve minutes away from laser. I need binoculars these days to see it but it's always nice to see so. Thanks for that question roger. i really appreciated. So he's right. There are systems out there that might of stars that resemble solar systems rather than planets. You've got stars opening each other in clusters. Yeah that's right. In fact understand why that would be because we think stars form in much bigger groups. We think they co- call them open. Clusters these newly stars. Sometimes there are thousands of stars in open clusters and eventually dissipate. They drift away. The sun was almost certainly part of something like that. The son might have had a binary companion or even two or three companions which are now long gone. So it's it's it's easy to understand why they should be these multiple systems. Okay thank you very much for your question. Roger it's time for change of accent as we have from binary stars to the stock short mission. Hello my name's dunkin from weymouth those In england long-term listener to the podcast really enjoy. It hope you both whale with regards to the starship mission to elvis toray.

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