The Mad Gasser of Mattoon


Story may not be familiar to a lot of people outside of central illinois. But if you are from central illinois specifically the town of matutuine then you are probably familiar with the events that began in early september. Nineteen forty four. Here's the headline folks. There was a mysterious figure in black. Who was for some enigmatic reason spraying paralyzing gas into the windows of people's kohl's that's that's a very specific odd flex slash crime of the newspapers knoll. They went overboard. Forget i'm ben. The newspapers went overboard with the reporting this. And they they kind of took it to the court of public opinion declaring that these attacks these gassings were the work of what they called a mad gasser. An off air. We talked about the idea of putting the there's this very specific move with reporting and publicity sometimes with alarmist reporting to put the word mad in front of a verb of something. Someone did so like mad gasser. there would also be the one you brought up earlier and all. Yeah like a mad bomber. a mad. I don't know once you start getting into slashing that just you don't need a an extra word in front of that you just slasher. It's it's implied. I think you're a mad slasher. I do like the term mad dash though right like i made a mad dash for the bus or whatever But no. It's true. Ben and i was looking at up. Because the the idea of of gassing or of a paralyzing gas to me makes me think of what would be considered a nerve agent or nerve gas which wasn't really discovered or invented even really until. I believe the late

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