Crypto Exchange FTX on the Verge of Winning Naming Rights for the Miami Heat's Arena



Today's guest is miami mayor francis for us. Welcome their says. Hi laura to pleasure to be with you as we record. Miami looks poised to approve the first cryptocurrency exchange sponsor of an nba rena friday. Which is the day. This episode comes out the miami dade county commission will vote on whether not to approve the deal. In which the current american airlines arena would be renamed. Ftse serena how did this deal come about well. It was an open bid and they bid. I think one hundred thirty five million dollars for the naming rights or the Putting a very big bid. But i think it wouldn't happen if it wasn't for the fact that miami is trying and striving very very much to become the crypto capital world. And we're doing that Frankly by doing some things that i think are very easy. The first thing we did was we scoured the united states to find out. What are the most crypto friendly laws in in the in the us. We found out that it was wyoming so we promptly copy their loss tried to improve them and now have a bill in the house in the senate that is making its way up to the governor Which would make florida. The most crypto friendly state in the nation and then as we implemented A resolution that would allow our employees to get paid in bitcoin that would allow residents to pay for fees and bitcoin and that would allow the city or at least explore the possibility of the city investing in bitcoin. So we wanted to sort of own this space because we think that crypto currencies of the future and we want to be known as the city of the future.

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