Why You Should Know About Team Hoyt


Before we jump in little news came across the running world last couple days and that is that dick hoyt died. Yeah that's right. He was eight years old and been suffering from a prolonged illness. And people may recognize the name. Dick rick whitehaven fixture of the boston marathon. Since nineteen eighty when dick. I pushed his son. Who was born a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy. So they were very recognizable. They had actually begun. Doing other marathons around the country in nineteen seventy seven and throughout multiple decades. They did dozens of marathons and triathlons together Before the elder hoyt retired from running several years ago. I think it was in two thousand fourteen. They ran their final boston marathon together but he was such an inspirational man and will definitely be missed for sure. And that's team hoyt. If you haven't heard their story definitely go. Google them and read about

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