The Hiring Debate: Skill Set vs. Cultural Fit in Landscaping


Hey everybody mark bradley here Thanks again for joining us. Today today. have ryan markowitz from creative roots landscaping here to tell us a little bit about His story when it comes to people You know obviously the number one problem that most landscapers are facing today is finding people and then keeping them and certainly motivating them and and really bring out the best in people. And i've i've noticed ryan has a a true for that. In a thought today we would speak the ryan and sort of hear. His story of of how things have unfolded in his landscape company. Because i've definitely felt that He's truly an airliner an outlier in in this area. And you know over the past twenty six years. He has You know really sort of learned shifted and and Made lots of changes over the years Based on some articles that i've read of his and and lots of conversations so today i thought we'd ask ryan a few questions. And and maybe you know ryan to get started. Maybe you could kind of tell us a little bit about how you got into the industry you know you've been on the show here regularly For those who may just be hearing from you for the first time. I just thought. Quick intro it'd be great and then we can chat a little bit more about your team. Ex- mark thanks for having me back appreciate it elements doing a great job of Contributing to the industry. And i'm proud to be a part of it whenever i can so My story Quickly is twenty six years of running a landscape business. I started in nineteen ninety four with a truck on a lawn more and just really was just kind of passing time. While i thought i was going to figure out what else was going to do with my life and i just saw i i. I kinda fell in love with working with my hands and i saw fraternity everywhere. And so it just evolved from that you know from one truck to two trucks. Three trucks to Five employees ten employees to twenty employees. And and now here. I am

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