A Prayer for Clarity


Per year for clarity i make bucher read by liam martin his divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness second peter. One three okay. The receptionist will already us. Six months for the left is prescription and six months for the right is prescription. In that moment. i realized. I've been wearing my contacts in the wrong is for most of the summer right. Before twenty twenty. My age old prescription had finally changed. But for most of twenty twenty. I'd worn my glasses. I had forgotten. Both my eyes were no longer remedied by the same prescription. No wonder i felt slightly cross eyed a lot of the summer. It's hard to see clearly without the right prescription. It's still hard to see with the right prescription in the wrong is simon. Peter wrote his second letter to the church later. In his life to encourage and instruct christ followers in how to live a godly life. Because god has given christians all they need to become spiritually matured the nav biblical theology study bible explains they must actively pursue spiritual maturity if they expect to receive a rich welcome. Into god's eternal kingdom heater was one of the three who witnessed the transfiguration of christ. He was in jesus close circle of friends. He knew what it meant to follow the shepherd you knew. It wasn't just enough to know about jesus for those early church members and us today spiritual warfare wages to distract and confuse us. Heater knew it would be important. Then as it is to us now to live our lives as a reflection of god's glory how do we do that with the right prescription the correct perspective. Our physical human sight and insight is limited. We must learn to seek god in his word and yield to the spirits nudge. In our lives. He's given us everything we need to live a godly life. That glorifies his name the more we earnestly seek him the more clearly we can see. Let's pray father. You have made this day and we will rejoice and be glad in it. Abba father savior. Jesus spirit comforter all glory and honor we lift to you. We look to you for provisions and healing stand in awe of the beauty and blessing use around our lives with even when we can't see straight help us to see ourselves others and creation through your perspective. God help us see clearly having is to see as you want us to see we want your will for our lives father because your promises are greater than anything we can ask for or imagined and beyond our perspective site. Help us to remember. You are creator. Our author are compassionate and caring father. Christ jesus may we follow you faithfully and look to you before scrambling for our own solutions. Hugh our eyes and our insight so we may truly see in. Jesus name amen.

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