Did Bill Gates Seriously Short TSLA Stock


Robbed our here and today we're going to be talking about bill gates response to on musk's claims the oregon podcast a couple of weeks. Back that get heard. That bill gates had been shorting stock. We've also got some news on the broader electric vehicle automotive market an interesting response from yvonne on an article from the washington post. And of course. We've gotta talk about tesla stock. It's about wild couple of days. We had the interview yesterday with alex rotter so we didn't get a chance to talk about it. But of course yesterday. Tuesday february twenty. Third tesla dropped to a low of six hundred nineteen dollars per share. That was down more than thirteen percent from the prior. Close then of course. We saw us swift recovery in the market. And from tesla tesla finishing down just two percent yesterday on the biggest volume day that we've seen in over a month and a half with sixty six million shares trading hands yesterday. So i talked about on monday and we briefly talked about yesterday in the interview as well. A lot of this is tied to expectation on interest rates. So yesterday fed chairman. Jerome powell made comments to congress. Indicating the current monetary policy is expected to continue for some time as economic uncertainty remains so not to get too deep into that. We've talked about that. Of course in the past but as far as tussles yesterday certainly was not isolated to tesla. Those sort of concerns were broadly extended to high growth. Stocks tussle obviously falls in that category. And i think the volatility there serves as a nice quarterly reminder that you have to be very very careful with stop losses on a volatile stock like tussle as for today tesla continue to rebound finishing up six point two percent to seven hundred and forty dollars two cents. That compared to the nasdaq up one percent. All right so i up today. I want to continue a conversation that we began a couple of weeks back after yvonne. Musk went on joe. Rogan's podcast for the third time and said that he had heard from people he believes would know that bill gates had shorted tesla. Yvonne brought that up in response to a question from joe rogan on the tesla semi citing that bill gates in a blog. Post a few months back had said that eighteen wheel electric semi is probably would never work so allen's claim here understand. We drawing a lot of attention not the first time something like this has happened between musk and gates last year. He did by his first electric vehicle. The porsche ticon. Which at the time. Maybe it wasn't so clear why he didn't by ordering vehicle up until that point. Well now we might have a better answer for that. But he talked about the decision in an interview with marquez brownlee and it seemed to be a relatively tepid endorsement of electric vehicles gatesville right up ranging anxiety as a problem and elon. Musk responded to that interview. Not necessarily gives purchase of tycoon but those comments in general by saying that quote my conversations with gates have been underwhelming to be honest and so that catches us up to today and then we have launched claiming that he heard gates which tesla now in the last week. We've had both cnbc and bloomberg asked gates directly about that claim. I think gates tone is important these responses so i will play the actual clip. The i wanna hear from andrew. Ross sorkin cnbc asking gates so so you're not sure tesla's stock were clear. Yeah i'm not. I don't talk about my investment. But i think he should be very proud of what he's done. Okay so technically there. He did say yeah. I'm not but it sounded like he was more starting a sentence of saying yeah. I'm not going to talk about my investments not yet. I'm not sure tesla because he interrupts himself and says i don't want to talk about my investments so to me. That's a no comment. Rather than a denial. What's interesting here is his reason saying he doesn't wanna talk about his investments but in the exact same interview. He talks about his investments multiple times. He says quote when i invested in impossible foods or beyond me or quantum scape. I was doing that just to help their own climate. Now it looks like those three will be very successful companies. And so i'll have more money to put into the tough areas a climate like cement and steel and quote. Okay so he says he doesn't want to talk about his investments but then he in response to another question talks about his investments in impossible foods beyond me quantum scape and then how does investments are doing and that i'll have more money to then go on an invest in other stuff. I mean how much more could you talk about your investments. And he uses the first person tense. You're saying i invested. He's asked about bitcoin and he says quote. I don't own bitcoin. I'm not short bitcoin. So i've taken a neutral view and quote so for bitcoin. Perfectly fine to say i'm not short bitcoin. Same question for tesla. oh. I don't want to talk about my investments that we just spent a bunch of time talking about. If you're not going to answer the question at least come up with a better non answer. That doesn't immediately contradict yourself. He has to have known that he'll be asked about that and yet seems completely content guard answer so that was last week if there was any doubt left after that because he did start off. By saying yeah. I'm not before interrupting himself as we said. Here's gates on bloomberg yesterday so we had five days to think about this answering the same question from emily. Chang yuan has in the past claimed you shorted tesla and i wonder if there's any truth to that Well you know i think. Test us on amazed seen company I wish you know own. Been more on the long side. But i it's it's great And you know i have. Lots of relatives won't tassels Helped by for them. So you know nothing. But positive thoughts about tesla role. Okay so if the answer to the cnbc question was a bit of a flood. There was a clear opportunity to just say. Hey i'm not sure. Tesla was jor tesla and again gates passes and he sure doesn't look comfortable to me answering the question. Belief is that it looks pretty clear. That bill gates was short. Tesla who knows if he's still is it'd be surprised but come on. How are you going to be all about climate change and then short the one company that's doing more than any other company on earth to combat it. If you don't think it's a good investment you think it's overvalued you can just not invest in it. No one has any problem with that but too short it push the stock price down. Make it more difficult for tesla to raise capital. That's something else entirely.

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