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It's not a research report or investment advice to offer or sale of security bag business financial. Llc member pc for our first story. Jack regan with dumbledore finance on this. We want to say yes born buffet. He's ninety outs do it. Yep he's the dumbledore finding best shape of his life. Warren buffett just released his legendary investor. Letter over the weekend at wasn't great berkshire-hathaway doesn't understand tech so it's buying its own stock instead alternate of here. Now we're going to sprinkle a little context on the sink berkshire-hathaway it's the business of pick and companies but also in the business and known for two other thing yes. It has two classes of stock as the class. A stock in the class the class a stock ticker symbol be arcade dot ey. What's the number jack. You know what it's trading at is trading three hundred seventy seven thousand dollars for one share. A house godley or. Do you want one. Share of the berkshire hathaway stock. I used to own a half share of berkshire hathaway but it was the b shares which traded two hundred fifty bucks still must be pretty nice. Now that's one thing there for the other thing. Berkshire is known for is its ninety year old famous ceo mr warren buffett the oracle omaha by the way. It's knackers if you have like an uncle or dad who used to work in finance. He definitely dreamt of owning a berkshire class. A shares was a life goal for pretty much the entire baby boomer generation berkshire is also a six hundred billion dollar company. That's kind of made up of a bunch of other companies pretty straightforward. They buy stock or entire companies putting some new managers typically cut some costs. This is like the p. e. private equity playbook and then all the prophets of the companies berkshire owns they flow up into berkshire hathaway and that is the value of the stock old school. Business model jack old school cravings over here the ninety year old warren buffett who by the way was born in nineteen thirty neck for perspective breed. Great depression he seems to favor companies. That are also ninety years old edge. Mr babacan we interest you a food business or railroad business a telecom business or an insurance business. yes please. All have coca cola kraft heinz gyco and proctor and gamble. Basically this is the opposite of softbank. This is the anti softening like all of this though. Like yeah and on saturday berkshire. Hathaway released their annual shareholder letter written by warren buffett. Jack how did the most famous investor in the united states last year. The first thing he does is he judges himself and he shows the world whether he was good or bad last year jack. I think you're avoiding the question. Here looking berkshire hathaway warren buffett do. Last year. he did badly but everything is relative and berkshire hathaway they judge themselves. Depending on how well the s. and p. five hundred s and p five hundred the five hundred biggest stocks in the united states. It rose a little over eighteen percent last year. Berkshire hathaway rose by. Just two percent last year last year was a loss that means at as an investor you would have been better off simply putting your money in the s and p. five hundred index. Then giving it to warren buffett. Yeah not a good luck. Warned was upset. He was shamed he was embarrassing. It was also berkshire. Hathaway has over one hundred billion dollars in cash to invest. But it hasn't. It's just sitting there. The cash is doing nothing billions. That's right last year berkshire. Hathaway didn't make a single major acquisition like it usually does so jack. What's the takeaway for our buddies over at berkshire hathaway berkshire invest in what it knows and berkshire doesn't know tech art. This is wild rewind the same shareholder letter but all the way back in one thousand nine hundred eighty six jack. What are we find. Berkshire hathaway said. We invest in quote simple businesses and. If there's a lot of technology we won't understand end quote now. Berkshire is like dabbled recently and apple and amazon and snowflake stock but it is overwhelmingly a non tech focused company and the issue our stock markets and our economy. Right now have become incredibly tacky. Okay so jacqueline. I just mentioned the s&p five hundred. The market was up eighteen percent last year while the tech heavy nasdaq doubled that return. The only major investments berkshire made in the last quarter. Were chevron two companies that aren't techie at all and since warren buffett isn't comfy investing like frothy tech companies. There is only one thing. He will invest in right now himself himself prior to twenty eighteen berkshire hathaway own stock. It wasn't a thing they didn't do it last year. Berkshire hathaway spent twenty five billion dollars on their own stock. Which made the other stock that you and i can invest in even

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