Shazam! Star Zachary Levi... Opening Up Like Never Before


You're listening to inside of you with michael rosenbaum. Thanks for joining us. I'm drinking a hint water. And they're not even a sponsor they don't give me money but i like their water and they gave me free water deliciously eat it eat it deliciously. They should give us money. Why 'cause you are stocked up on the stuff that's true. Everybody comes over the hit. Water like sherman. You can have a hint water. As far as i know you're the only distributor of hint water. I'm thirsty. is that a hint water. Yeah they're good. Thank you for For always can water. I hope everybody had a glorious weekend and I can't believe we're almost into march now ryan and We're all waiting for the vaccine. We're all waiting for to just for this to be over. we're trying to force it over. I had my moment last week. Boy and think keep you. Listen to the podcast. When last week. I listened to the intro actually. And i'm just like oh yeah you're You're not off my game if anything. I was on my game. Because i was talking about my mental. C- you get frustrated. You get tired. You get just The anxiety kinda kicks in and this has been a bit better this last weekend. I sort of got away robin. I went to joshua tree. Nice rob my guitars for the band. Son span we. We drove up there. And we've got a place and just this little place. It was like the pioneer motel cute little place and just hiked and want the little western town and just disconnected. And i'm telling you just to get out of town. Did something from my mental health just to get away from the norm the the redundancy of of life that we just. It's every day. Do the same thing and if you just keep doing that it's going to drive you crazy. Yeah my sister. Just joshua tree to your first time there. I think so. But she's a dog she and boyfriend have a dog and so they went to like an art like an rv park. They're just like out in the desert and so it looks nice. It does look nice. I saw my first shining shining. I shooting star. I'd never seen a shooting star. And i looked up in the sky ninety truth for the very first night. It's a shooting star. You've never seen shooting somebody. No i think if you see a shooting star you have to say in that accent. It's a shooting star. I loved man. it was It was a nice escape. I need to. I need to get out more. I need to do things you know. And we were masks and shit so that was good. Thank you guys for everything by the way. The sun spin albums outlook cds. And get this awesome. Cd at since been dot com along with tons of awesome merch like lunch boxes and stone coasters and hats trucker hats. I got my trucker hat here. That was the dilemma this morning. I was a grind show where the trucker hat or not you know like. I don't care either way i don't care either way. I'm getting paid the amount of money if we sent march for sun spin. And if you get. The lunchbox got a lunchbox If you make a video of yourself opening the lunch box and make it The most original and posted on all post instagram's Twitter and facebook robin. I will choose the person we thought was the most creative and we'll do a zoom with you so When you get your lunch boxes make a creative. And i will probably do that contest in a week or so. Maybe a week or two. But it's starting now so when you get that lunchbox. The sun spin lunchbox which is available on sunday. dot com. So thank you everybody for coming off the stage at to this last weekend it was a big show. One of our biggest and If you've never been. We do the last saturday of every month so we did saturday two pm and six pm to shows we did ryan played played like aha economy.

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