A flat tire. Brighton eastbound


Going to start picking up later this afternoon tonight and in through tomorrow morning, we've got wind advisories out Gus 40 to 50 MPH First thing that window do is take the temperature's up to about 50 or so for the late afternoon, then is the wind turns around the direction the cold air just pours back in and Temperatures tonight You're gonna end up in the teens to low twenties near the coast real fields, ending up in the single digits nearer below zero. Some flurries and snow showers. Inland spots could cause some issues with that immense cold situation. Tonight. Tomorrow will be a windy and cold the high 36 real fields in the team's low twenties. The cold relaxes on Wednesday not as Wendy with some sunshine upper forties too near 50. And then the cold in the wind start to get re established with really no big storms. With that heading into the end of the week in the weekend, I thank you with meteorologist even bored with WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio, clouds, Rain and now 41 in Boston. Good morning. It's 8 56, and this guy just vanished. In the

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