A highlight from 4 Dudes Talking about Women before Valentines Day.


Jo. yo yo what's going on here. Yeah this is tom. This is matt is thomas and mack not necessarily remote but people might be coming bubbling. Demos not here. I gotta do like the the stock language of what we do. So for all the eavesdroppers this podcast is create a space where creators movers and shakers debate current topics and taste face to face. Only fresh ideas take shape and you get to listen over the shoulder. Name is mr backpack matt. My name is thomas. The great the silent partner and the facilitated themselves not here for the moment. But i'm welcome to another episode. Ot ots wasn't here last week. So i miss you guys. We missed you to use in miami. Weren't yeah yeah i was. I was that it was cool. Man i i went out there for work conference but then only had to present for like an hour but i was down there and scheduled for four days there. You go so. I just had collins. I was literally relaxing chilling. I go to the bar talked to the bartenders. Go walk up and down the block at night. Nothing crazy schedule. Couple like a business meetings with some friends down there for basil twenty twenty mikhail solomon from prison art fair so yeah made it. I made it productive on all fronts. I guess i got some rest and relaxation. But i'm happy to be back man. How about you. We happy to have you on. There's been a interesting weekend for your boy. I'll know if i want speak on that quite yet but You know just the the the work like usual. We had an event at over the weekend. Didn't attend due to what happened this weekend but It is what it is. I knew assess and you know so. So i mean you don't have to tell people exactly what happened to you but there was a major event that happened in your area right. Yeah let's let's just say there was a fire really close to my house. Yes and that's that's that's how tell that story. That's gotta be a scary thing because you found out about the fire while it was kinda happening not at its height right but we're close by people just came though the fire alarm and in your mind as you're walking out you think y'all somebody can't cook and then when you walk outside flames above right so i mean it was an interesting experience. Isn't that funny good. Like i said it's an interesting experience. And but yeah i would just wouldn't wish that on too many people love thank god you and your people are saying yeah me. It was actually out of town so she she was like down there. Yeah so So let's talk about this 'cause you all to carry out wrapped up. I wanna say last week the last week of january and that also marked the last day that chief was open her. Yeah i'll knows it's interesting because you know that was a that was the space where a lot of our people made a like made their careers in a sense from the malcolm xs. Dj glam there every weekend joy. Colo- packing it out Crank karaoke adobo the set so many different things to kill the talk the big to kill party. There's so many things came out of that space. So i mean just unfortunate to see ago lottery rooftop saturday night definitely a lot of date spent and literally as they say the big chief so Unit you can fill in the blank. Look what look walk through. Is it gonna let it. We're going to let them get settled but Yeah but they just announced on twitter today. That horse and dickey's over there Is also an iv city is also shutting down of course in dickie's so the spot right next to that. We always walk past to get two big chief. That's not that's not dicky's on twelfth street. That's eight oh shit. I'm getting worse. And so as half note supposedly. So i don't know where it is with people. Yeah half know what is going on. I have no idea point. That's what i'm getting to skyrocket got kitchen. Come on the stock the stock into already. That's right so man. I what's up alexia how you doing. Hey girl hey mexcio. A shout out to everybody at full service. Radio shot arturo audience in dc. All right so she's gonna guess we have to catch me i guess. Yes so Tom tom had like a major fire around like where he lives in He was around for when it popped off. Yeah interesting experience now. Going to tell the story all over again though shit wanna blaze four minutes here. We talk about some totally four minutes. Okay so what are we at. And i was talking about to miami how how was only supposed to be there for like. I was only supposed to be presented for an hour but i was there for four days. I made the most of it. Pretty much sums leads exactly. I was actually in south. East right off. Collins awesome awesome. Rapper should really right off collins. All right so have no close right. Horses dicky's close. I don't think either of them closed yet. I believe close we. We had a nice little chat about and so that's why oh man it was. Crazy is after our conversation. I went over to songbird right. And the gm who actually closed down big big chief was at songbird right and of course i had to bring up the conversation because you know ruining has got to know what's going on roth going on right. I'm really sad to hear about horse stickies though which actually that it was the dmv follower. So they're more. They got more potent than the news. Time so tmz for like. I would say that's pretty accurate. Matt tally whoa horse on h street. The horse dicky's yeah the holiday going out of business. This is bima being in disbelief. I am i am. I shocked right now. How are they going out of business. That's the from what i heard. So how's that affecting rescind the effects of the creative community because now the spaces that we used employees and evenly spaced that we grew up going to just for like a good meal. Yeah i mean no longer able to hold their weight with the The rising prices. If i remember the definition justification correctly when we did our blankets vacation episodes. It's not only the displacement of people and the displacement of culture but also the displacement of business hardly shing ho man. That's big bro. i'm lucky speeches. But i'm gonna keep talking. Wow all over. it's got to be over. Fifty percent of small businesses aren't able to like last passed. I think four or five years and dicko don't matter man. I mean i know tony's breakfast might be next. No none of them. Let's let's let's not go. Let's speak that into one. Oh man okay. Y'all just like blew. My is kind of blew my mind a little bit horse. Dicky's we'll look man. It is displacement businesses part of the part of the game. It's just really sad. I guess it's just really sad to see in real time that that restaurant that business it's at dickey's towards the dicky's to me represents the best fried fish place in the city and i'm coming from the south. I know you motherfucker. Don't really know nothing about now sticks out that's how you going. You just got here. Why are you shooting shooting for you. So it's just a it's a different to differ. Relationship with food is an unhealthy relationship with food but yet a different relationship food. I can i so coming up here. Being able to find a fried fish joint this a staple

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