Andrei Vasilevskiy delivers consecutive shutouts, Lightning top Stars 2-0


Vasilevskiy was once again dominant. He stopped all 20 shots He faced supposed to shut out in his second straight start and earn his second shutout overall this season that earned him the first star of the week in the NHL. Is now posted shut outs and back to back starts five times in his career, and he's gone seven consecutive periods without allowing a goal. When you talk about the advantage the Lightning has in net every game. It's pretty wide, especially in this division. Vasilevskiy is head and shoulders better than everyone else. Ben Bishop might have a say in that, but he's injured right now for the stars Brian and Blam from Sun Sports and My partner for The Last Call, which is presented by Jack Daniels told Dave Michigan and me on power lunch yesterday. That vast Celeski has grown so much as a netminder. He's a machine. He really s vasilevskiy. That really interesting character. And, of course, is a hockey player. He's very quiet with us. Naturally it apparently he's a real riot with the players, you know, on practice, days and days in between got a great sense of humor. But he is all business. When he shows up first thing in the morning, you talk to other players and go. You just leave Vasi to himself. He's he's already in that zone. He's got the body for it. It's 63 and well over £200. He's got the long legs and long arms. You know, we're talking about circuits have an experience exactly the same thing of front, John Goaltending coach talked about it recently saying that you know, vastly going all the way and winning the cup. It solidifies everything that they've talked about all the way along How your off season training regiment right through to the very last save in Game six against Dallas to win the Stanley Cup. Your gold center. Oftentimes is your best penalty killer and the Lightning had to kill off six power place from the stars, and that was big, according to egg blam, and he loved what he saw. Thought Alex Killorn had some sequences. I would point him out, especially. I thought he was incredible. He had four if not five. Individual plays where he just dismantled their attack. Turned the pack over and either shot out of the zone himself or made availability for somebody else that he was playing with the get the park and get it down. But they all were in great sequence when the pressure when not to That was a big part of the game and then getting on the scoreboard first two now, But Andre, polite, just has an affinity for that, And then he starts on time all the time. And that's always a big deal. Doesn't matter who you're playing. Whether it's Dallas and the team you played in the Stanley Cup finals or the last place team, Callie always seems to start on time and a that gives you a big advantage.

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