Laraine Newman on SNL's Original Cast


I keep reading reviews of various. Snl oral history books and they talk about. It seems that everyone maybe just two different books. That i read a few reviews of these two different bucks and in the early days to here we will tell it. Chevy chase was just a very hard to work with. Was that your experience of him. No but i. I can't say how it was for the guys. It might have been a different thing entirely but chevy was always lovely to the girls. She was always nice. He wasn't Abusive in any way. No i mean it was a really. The cast was wonderful. I i realized this in in doing press for this book is Nobody ganged up on anybody. And there were never clicks which is remarkable when you think about it because it's it's just like a group of people. It's like a lifeboat that you're all you know contributing to this effort to survive. You know and also coming from an improv background. It's all about supporting the other actor right so that we're really fortunate that way that we all were at least polite to one another. That is wonderful.

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