695: WandaVision S1E8 Review: 'Previously On'



Back to maximov overdrive. The podcast that puts the pedal to the metal and speeds headlong into recapping speculation and general excitement over the disney plus series wanda vision. I'm lisa schweitzer and with me as always r kelly gaumont. Hey hey and don melton howdy howdy. We just finished watching episode eight of the nine series run titled previously on and to call this episode. A game changer. In the mcu sounds hyperbolic. But it really isn't yeah. I'm still kind of processing as it were Having just seen it like twelve hours after dropped kelly and dawn If you had to pick one word right now to describe your reaction to the episode. What would that one word b. minus processing kelly. What is yours. I can't say mine. Because i have to edit the show and i would just have to edit myself out because it would be one of those words just a long. Oh it would just be a long beat because like this turned everything inside out so you know all of the pieces that we knew are all in a new light now don. What's the one word you would use to describe your reaction to this episode. I'd be like kellyanne. Only i wouldn't use one word. I know a lot more of those in several languages one. It's going to be one that. I'd have to beep yeah. I'm quite fond of spanish and arabic. Because they're just so excellent curson they are. I was not expecting to cry as much as i did. During this episode So so there was a lot of that. Oh i know what you mean. Because i have it paused in the background on my favorite line just so i can switch to that and tear up appropriately. All my gosh. It's no this again. I don't come to the mcu to be made to feel things and this episode made me feel things it tie it. Basically settles the debate. That has been going through internet discourse about the role of grief and wanda vision. Where 'cause you will all recall a scant eight weeks ago when the show i dropped people people were like she's crackpot. She's nutty she's got off the deep end. She is crazy with magic and there was like those little drumbeat of people going know the show is about grief and i think we actually touched on that too. When we pointed out everything wanda maximov has been through. And i believe like i reeled. It often some like this crazy litany. Yes and then. And then the entire episode was basically given over to like the wanda maximov trauma origin story. Yes and i must say we were right and we were right early because we were all in agree even the first episode that we did which covered the first three episodes the series. But i would like to point out old. Were we wrong about a lot of other staff. It's fun to be wrong about this stuff though. Oh yes so we're gonna find it. Fund to be wrong about tv stuff is because one it means that. The storytelling isn't predictable. But s still makes sense. And i love when the people who make my television brings such an eight game to it that they can continue to surprise and delight and make it entirely believable and Accretive on top of everything else. You know who else was wrong. Most of the internet this week with elite summaries of episode eight an episode nine. I actually got online. They were on four chan which i would never touch with ten foot pole but they made it to read it And so i thought what the heck you know. I can live with spoilers i read it. I was like well. Part of that is possible. Or whatever and basically this episode wolf. It was like none of those things which is awesome. Thank god because this episode was much better than that crap that was leaked online. So if you're like me and you actually read that ha ha nelson nelson months. Nelson's ha ha there. I'm normally fairly lazy fair about spoilers. I am the type person who reads the movie. Spoiler dot com And i'm like. Oh the pleasures and see how it all unfolds and this is the show where i absolutely like. I'm simultaneously dying to see how it's going to turn out. And i don't wanna read spoilers because i want the pleasure of being shocked and surprised like or rather i should say there have been a lot of shocks and surprises in last twelve months. But i would like the pleasure of being shocked and surprised in a controlled environment in a way. That's no stakes for me. But later to it as yes too involved in it and watching it. Unfold has been has been a wild ride because even once we get like the new set of parameters for whatever's happening right like you know even even after that.

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