Biden administration faces challenges at U.S.-Mexico border


A new development in the ongoing effort to reunite some 500 migrant Children who are separated from their families under the Trump Administration, zero tolerance policy at the US Mexico border. Biden administration will now allow families who were separated the option of being reunited here in the United States. Here's Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas yesterday, stressing the need to undo Previous administration's work. We will dig out of the cruelty of the past administration and we will rebuild our nation's asylum system. And all of our humanitarian programs of which we have been historically so proud. Jacob. Sober off is an NBC and MSNBC correspondent and author of separated inside an American Tragedy, and He's been following this story and joins us now. Welcome to the show, Jacob Good to be back with your time you thanks. Yes. So the most significant part of this effort is that it allows families to be reunited here on U. S soil. Why is this especially important? Well for the very reason that the families left their home country and came to seek asylum in the United States in the first place. Many of them were fleeing danger, persecution of starvation, malnutrition, acute food and security. The list goes on and on and when they made it to the United States of America, the place that represented safety and security and asylum. They were tortured. In the words of physicians for human rights. They were put through government sanctioned child abuse, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. It was one of the greatest human rights catastrophes of my lifetime, In the words of official who had worked on the reunifications, as he told me directly, And so this is the recourse that all of the advocates and the lawyers that I've been working with these families now for over three years. Have been seeking and it's welcome news. It's not reunification yet, but it's a step in that direction. Let's get to the particulars. How will these reunification efforts actually work? How will families know about these policy changes? Literally door to door knocking and Central America. There's a steering committee in the federal lawsuit that won the reunification of the family's missile versus ice on their going door to door justice in motion the women's Refugee Commission kids in need of defense. This is a group that has been involved in this process for quite some time. But up until this point. The reason there were 611 parents of Children who had been separated, had yet not been contacted That numbers now 400. 99 after 112 of them have been found over the course of the last month. The reason it's been taking so long is because of a lack of willingness from the federal government under the Trump administration to participate in this process, and the Biden administration has now changed that. Okay. I have just under a minute with you. But the C l U and groups like physicians for human rights have applauded these changes. But they're also calling on actors involved in these separations to be held accountable. How How would that happen? I think it's the most critical, remaining unanswered question about the family separation tragedy. I really think that that's you know what it must be called, Um, you know, the president said during the final presidential debate, he believed this was criminal. He said he was gonna launch a thorough investigation of the Justice Department. There's plenty of evidence of who was responsible for this policy. Whether it was Jeff Sessions Stephen Miller, Jean Hamilton, Kristine Nielsen. Kirsten Yes, Excuse me. That list goes on and on as well. It's a matter of whether they whether or not they want to pursue an investigation, like the president said that they would Jacob will have to have you on again. Jacobs Oberoth is NBC's correspondent and author of separated Inside an American Tragedy. Thanks for joining us, Thanks.

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