Looking Back at Rudi Gernreich with Alexander Joseph


Alex. Thank you so much for joining us on dressed. thanks for having me those so honored. Yeah of course of course and today. of course we're going to speak about rudy gernrich and before we go any further. I just want to point out that it's really gernrich not kern reich. Yes because apparently. I have been saying this incorrectly for a very long time. Well lou. Thir- makes his point. She interviewed him for her book for the rudy gernrich book. She's mary lou luther as a journalist and she made this point that he corrected her and said it's gern rick and that's what he says on batman with a show. That was prerecorded tapes. And everything in so you know that. That's how he wanted. It said but i would put a little note on this. Which is that in two thousand or somewhere around there harry. Hey his boyfriend who will talk. Probably mentioned in the show was interviewed about him any referred to him as really gern reich. So i don't know what to do with that but just throwing it in there. Maybe he changed it. Maybe he changed it in the fifties. Because that's how he wanted to be known that but i'm making that up. I don't know exactly right but we're going to call him rick for the purpose of our wants to be known as would you tell us a little bit about what were the highlights of rudy's career. What what did he mean to the history of american fashion. Because i think we're going to go through a lot of these points by point as we go on through the episode but he really meant so much to contemporary fashion today. There's three things that i think about with really gernrich to about the career in one about not about the career. I is sort of interesting paradox. to me i love paradoxes. But if you think about most designers most fashion designers their most famous things the most famous things they make are things that you know into the real world and become real objects and influence fashion

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