A highlight from Ep 419 | How to Be an Anti-Communist | Guest: Jesse Kelly


Relatable. Are you ready to be entertained if you are then. You should be super excited for the conversation that i vowed to have with jesse kelly. He is a conservative commentator radio. Tv host and he has dubbed himself an anti-communist and we are going to talk about what that means rather than being necessarily totally aligning himself just as a republican he has aligned himself with anti-communism and he has a lot of advice to give us. He has a lot of insight to share with us. And you're going to leave this conversation feeling empowered and feeling like you actually have action items to do to push back against that which is scaring you about our political and cultural future. And so i'm excited for you to hear this conversation without further ado. Here is jesse kelly. so much for joining me. I'm sure that everyone listening to or washing. This knows exactly who you are but just in case. Can you tell everyone who you are. And what she deal rob very. I'm very famous important. Person alley a radio show. I have nationally syndicated. Radio show that jesse. Kelly show and i have a tv show on the first call. I'm right it's on every monday. Through friday and so's my radio show. So that's that's who i am. I'm a blue collar guy that kinda fell backwards into a media career about three years ago for some reason it's working yes and one thing that you have been hammering on a lot especially over the past i would say year or sell is your identification as an anti-communist so obviously most people see you as a conservative. Which i think you would also identify as but you've kind of put to the forefront of your identification politically as anticommunist. So can you tell us why. And what that means people to understand what a communist is. It's not just you know. All the soviets are the chinese or something like that. Communism is simply. It's simply a way you sell taking power for yourself and how you sell it is you are oppressed. You give me power. And i promise i will hurt that guy who's been oppressing you on your behalf that's all it is that's all it is that's all it ever was. It was soviet union. We have that here only because we're so wealthy you are wealthy here. are poor. People have running water clean drinking water. Twenty feet away at a faucet. Most likely we're so wealthy. You can't sell that here. You can sell that in one thousand nine hundred seventeen in the soviet union when people were standing inbred lines can't sell that here so you had to find a new way to sell it to americans that would appeal to american sensibilities in american sensibilities are christian sensibilities. Look if you don't call yourself a christian nation it is. I don't care that people have a problem with that. That's what it is. it's what it was. Founded on in christian sensibilities are tightness tolerance equality. The these are things taught it especially in this country so in america the way you sell communism is don't you want black people to be equal you don't want women to be equal are being intolerant of gay people. You sell it through cultural means you've been oppressed. Elect me all hurt them for you. And now it's everywhere here. It's absolutely everywhere here. They they bake your movies. They educate your kids there in your church. I had to leave mine last year. When my pastor got up and started talking about white privilege they run the entire democratic party. Half the republican party and many people know this and many people don't but they're all selling the same message you an american or evil if you're white and straight you're evil elect me. I'll hurt those evil straight white people and give power to you. Which of course they will but in the end it will just be them holding all the power but that's how it always works in communism and tell us how this translates to communist the kind of communism that we have seen throughout history just kind of economic oppression political tyranny or can it happen on the cultural level before it even starts to dominate the halls of power. It happens on the cultural level with us but it happen on an economic level with the soviets but the ending is always the same what the ending is is one or two or sometimes three or four people holding power everyone else living in death and misery unless you're part of the communist party part of the communist apparatus and that's how it will end here. Don't get me wrong.

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