A highlight from Brown v. Board of Education - 14th Amendment to the Rescue Again!

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Hello welcome back to. Let's get civil. I'm lizzy stewart and i am arden. Wallet hausky and why is new. What is new. I feel like. I don't know if you like urine a new plays i am. I'm in a new place. I'm a new state again. You and i just can't stay put. No it's fundamentally impossible. The i've been in the city for the last three or four weeks. And i think it's the longest time i've been in the city's like the start of the pandemic. I just simply have car will travel and do have car will travel. Yes yes i am. I'm in texas. And so i've left my echo chamber apartment for my sister's house where there is a one year old so we will go from my echoing voice to hearing cries and screams and maybe sesame street and high love it. I love the challenge. I love everything about recording remotely. It's amazing it's amazing. Truly truly a gift truly again. It's great i love when. I'm editing the things that i hear on everybody's audio i'm just like oh there's other something and carwyn by there's ambulance. Oh there's a child screaming a dog barking. Oh arts radiator assisting and it's hissing again again. Everybody has echo s. It's my favorite thing in the world. It's my favorite thing in the world to just be the elements like the jungle ivy league. I mean you should pimp yourself out editing work because just your ability to minimize all of that and make it sound. Amazing is quite simply that any talent. But i'm not sure you can teach is yes it comes. It comes with now a year of practicing trying to pretend like we aren't recording from our apartment but we are but we are and it's fun and it's great and it's exciting and i'm i guess i think this is our first. Is this your first episode of may know. Our that was last week's this is our second episode of may yet. I'd already like halfway through. May so i can't do with myself. My body has not arrived. We're still she still in transit. She's still a strategy. She's being held up by the usps. She's been long proposed office not arrived not read. I don't know if she's arriving. No i think. I think she might be stalled for till next summer. Yeah we're gonna we're gonna try to get next next season so eh news. We're halfway through. May and weirdly enough the Our topic today has nothing to do with anything that we just talked about but the anniversary on win this case was because we're doing a supreme court case this landmark case was decided this month so let's finally do it. We've talked about doing. He's a lot. I think it's probably one of the best known. Top three cases are average. person would at least recognize. Yeah for sure. And i'm excited so today we're talking about brown of the board of education of topeka. Yeah which is brown people or more casually known brown reward of topeka topeka it. That's a mouthful of topeka. Not it is. i mean you know. We couldn't we didn't. We couldn't choose where it was coming from it. Just it came from to be so before we jump into the case. Do you wanna talk about where are harsh around and sar scissor. Coming from the stir chevron star says they are coming from this week. A lot of our big hits When we do supreme court cases so us courts gove history dot com the nwa c. P. legal defense fund and burglar. Oh yeah yo yoyo. You're my god like one of my favorite websites. And we say this every time. But i just i love as so helpful you wanna learn something about a specific case yet. They really break it down and a grey so shout out to our friends at. Oj's such fam- yup to japan okay. So let's get a kind of a foundation of what in the world. This was about so. I'm going to start off with talking about the capital f. Facts of the case. Don don don tom so these notes are coming from history dot com and oh yes so brown. V board of education of topeka was a landmark nineteen fifty four supreme court case in which the justices ruled unanimously that racial segregation of children in public schools was unconstitutional. Nine thousand nine hundred fifty. Four brown v board of education was one of the cornerstones of the civil rights movement and helped establish the precedent that quote separate but equal education and other services were not in fact equal at all shock. Correct shower wrecked shook. We finally got there didn't we. This case was the consolidation of cases arising in kansas south carolina. Virginia delaware and washington. Dc relating to the segregation of public schools on the basis of race. So we we see this. all right. gerrymandering is coming from here coming from their. Remember where let's put together. We're going to deal with it all everything you guys want in one thing all right. We're just gonna blanket. Are these cases. The ones that i just mentioned above were brown. V board of education of topeka briggs v. Elliot davis v board of education of prince. Edward county virginia balling or bowling. The sharp and gebhart v ethel while the facts of each case are different. The main issue in each was the constitutionality of state sponsored segregation in public schools. In each of these cases african american students have been denied admittance to certain public schools based on laws allowing public education to be segregated by race. So we're basically like coming to the supreme court being like is this constitutional segregation in schools. Yes or no yes or no. Give me your name. Oliver brown filed a class action suit against the board of education of topeka kansas in nineteen fifty one. After his daughter. Linda brown was denied. Entrance to topeka's all white elementary schools in his lawsuit brown claimed that schools for black children were not equal to white schools and that segregation violated the so called quote equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment which holds that no state can quote denied to any person within its jurisdiction equal protection of the laws. Correct correct solid argument. Obviously should we just do. I mean we talk about equal protection clause fourteenth amendment time. Like we should do it. Have we done it. we haven't right. We've done it now. We should have done it. Maybe that would be like a good fourth of july episode or read fourth of july episode. Our pre pre fourth of july post fourth of july. Yeah i mean. Freedom is year round hunting freedom as evil it's year round. It should be believed. I feel like in the major a lot of major landmark cases especially when it comes to civil rights and you know any sort of equality cases that we see. We're always coming back to this. Broad yes the equal protection clause eleven big fan big fan. The case of brown. V board of education of topeka case went before the us district court in kansas which agreed that public school segregation had a quote detrimental effect upon the quote colored children and contributed to a sense of inferiority but still upheld the separate but equal doctrine. So basically dude court. Kansas was like yeah. I mean. I see what you're saying. Yeah it there's detrimental effects here for sure separate. Equal is still. It's away by me. You're right it's still pretty equal. Even though i mean it's still still pretty you polish. It's close it's within the gray area. It's within gray area. Absolutely love on the whole the plaintiffs of all of the cases that we've talked about were denied relief and their subsequent lower courts based on. You guessed it. Plus cd ferguson. Which held that racially. Segregated public facilities were legal so long as facilities for blacks and whites were equal. This was known. This created plessey. Ferguson created this whole separate but equal mentality. That allowed this to go on for so long. It's another supreme court case that we've talked about. Oh my god we've talked about plus iverson. Yep a lot and eventually. I'm sure we'll cover it but it's not a fun one and i don't like it so happens i don't like it won't it it. It is it is the case in which this basically this ended up. Overturning that rolling.

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