Honduras, in Diplomatic Shift, May Open China Office


It is a hardy perennial of diplomatic discourse campaign by the people's republic of china to pluck away the few remaining countries which have chosen to maintain full relations with the republic of china better known as taiwan among the fifteen remaining countries which have embassies in taipei rather than beijing is honduras but their loyalty may be shifting honduras president juan orlando hernandez has floated the prospect of opening a trade office in china to facilitate the acquisition of covid nineteen vaccines. Well let's get the latest with. Ron omitted director of oxford university's china center. Rana thank you as always for joining us. Is this the beginning of the end for honduras and taiwan. Do you think i think it could. Well be andrew. I mean over the last decade and more the already very small number of countries in the world which continued to recognize the republic of china based momentun entire pay of course has been shrinking and of course covert nineteen has been a perfect opportunity for china to try and pick off a small number of the countries which still maintain that relationship with taipei taipei has had some opportunities to push bad so for instance they've been liaising with india to try and get hold of some of the vaccine supply that they have and diverted to some of the south american countries but the problem of course to that now is the india is going through its own horrific cove experience and doesn't have a whole lot to explore so it may be the case. The immediate medical needs push honduras and a couple of other countries to towards beijing.

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