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Are you how you feel and it's good to be back with you. How is everybody. How has your week what did you do. You have some fun to get something done Look my week was all right I spent a lot of it. Having meetings talking with some folks about this show you know how on social media Especially for dance music right. Now it's all about the pri pri pri announcement the time where you announced that later on you're going to make an announcement that's kind of what's going on right now that's kind of what i'm doing There's gonna be some cool stuff to tell you about the show very very soon that i'm excited about so stay tuned for all of that but look this week. I'm excited about this too. I've got got underway tonight on the show. I said down with ben from the group. We had a great talk and graduate night. Just put out their brand. New album called dark wobble. It is our right now. The first single for that album trinity. They just drop the music video as well and look. Life is starting to come back. They just announced three nights in a row. Headlining the legendary red rocks fall. So there's a lot happening for gajah white knight right now And look there's gonna be a link in the description of this episode where you can go grab the new album from them. Some tickets to go see them live in person this fall and just keep up to date with what they are up to so go follow ganj away night. Check out the new album. All that and in that description is well. You're gonna find another link to come join the back to back. Discord and Look again. I'm going to be mysterious this week but i am going to tell you now would be a good time to join the discord for what we've got planned and let's be honest. There's never a bad time to come hang out with a great group of people to come See what. I'm up to if you want to get in touch with me for any reason. The discord is the best way to do that. If you're a music producer Come share what you're working on. I would love to hear it. The community would love to hear. You can get some feedback on what you're doing. You can link up with other like-minded producers. Get some ideas. Go and get some creativity. Come join the discord. Come say hi to me. And i will say hi back. You can also reach out to me on social media of course at willie joy or at back to back pod on everything. Or if you're old school if you are on the internet with your Old timey typewriter. You can hit me up on email back to back pod at g mail dot com is the address but look for today. It's all about gajah. Wait night so. I talked to ben from the group. He was in his studio in la. I was out here in. Dc and it's interesting. The group is from belgium and they had just moved to la Not too long. Before the pandemic they had a little time before everything shut down but You know not that much. And that's sort of a crazy thing to happen when you've just moved across the world so we started off talking about that and what this last year has been like but pretty quickly Look if you know the show you know what happens. We went off track pretty quickly and really ended up talking about a wide range of stuff. I really like talking to him. Interesting guy and i think what the group has been doing is doing is also very interesting to you know. They've really sort of carved out this. This unique niece and i think they make a compelling case that you do not have to follow the trans. You don't have to worry so much about whether you music what you're making whether it fits in whether it's in vogue you just have to make what you're passionate about and the ripi will find it and that's what they've done for many years and obviously it's paid off. It took a while and we talk about that too. But i think doing it. That way makes the success all the sweeter in the end. And whenever. I'm talking to anyone on this show if you've listened before think you know at this point. I'm always looking for the the inspiration takeaways trying to hit those points where i really find a a little nugget to to take with me and roll around in my brain for awhile and there were plenty to go around in here so i hope you enjoy this episode if you do if you like this show Look i don't know if you're a first time listener or somebody who's been listening all the way along for the last four years but if you're new to it highly suggest scrolling back in the feed a little bit. I've talked to a lot of amazing people over the years. And whether you're new or old to this look if you'd like to support this show if you'd like to help enable me to keep megan this show every single week for free getting awesome gas all that good stuff. It's very easy. It's very quick. All you gotta do is help. Spread the word. And what i'm talking about is just letting people know that they should be checking out the show Put up a tweet tags in your stories at willie joy at back to back pod once again just let people know they should be listening. Turn a friend onto the show. Tell your favorite artists. They should appear all of that. And anytime i see somebody talking about us. I'm always going to be replying. Reposting generally just saying hi getting to know you. I love to talk to people who are listening to the show. So much loved all the supporters out. There i see you. I love y'all and for now. Let's get into this episode. I think you're gonna dig it. This is me and ganj await night back to back lists

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