Will the Boston Bruins Ever Fix Their Power Play?

Poke the Bear


Those practices that burns will have, I imagine a large portion, it's going to be devoted to fixing that power play, just because it's been stuck in a rough way for a long time, I think since April 8th, the Bruins have six total power-play goals and four of them have come from Craig Smith. And and another one is kind of stupid crazy. I mean, you can make the case. You like just from the I test that the second unit has looked a lot better than the first for a long, long time now. So they have to do something to to get that first pulp a unit rolling. Whether it's worth switching a Personnel or Bruce Cassidy is always identified troubles with entries as being a thing that's really going to hurt that top power-play unit over the last month. So I think they've got to really kind of fix that and not make it be you know I don't think you want you expect you to jump from where it is right now to all Cynthia not top three unit again right. I don't think you're going to have that whether it's just like it's not the cards at guys on exit game. I'm gonna Torey Krug. Yeah, yeah, exactly. I don't think either you're going into it. Expecting them to cash in on, you know, thirty percent of their chances, but you're still need more than the output. You're getting off. Because I think you know, right now the Bruins is, the deadline are outscoring teams at even-strength 37 to 15, which is crazy. It's crazy that there there's going this many of the 2011 Bruins now, where it's like, wow, they're, you know, they're dissecting teams on even strain for them to hopefully, kills, all the momentum. Pretty much been the case for a month now. So if you even get that power-play back to, you know, 20% over this this long stretch, it goes a whole a long way. Especially in the playoffs, in terms of Just Landing more punches against the opponent's. So I think in terms of x's and o's power plays probably stands out the most to me. Yeah.

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