Google Announces ‘Pixel Buds a-Series’ in Accidental Unveil


This was a doozy. We know that google will announce a cheaper version of the pixel buds a or the pixel buds. Rather call the pixel buds. A and. then. I think it was. Was it wednesday or tuesday. This week has been a blur. Google the android account the official verified undercount tweets a. I'll read it for you here. It's just seems. Like one of those throwaway tweets that you don't actually notice until they announce a an unreleased product in it quality sound and quick bluetooth pairing check. The new pixel buds a-series have arrived. Enjoy one tap bluetooth. Pairing with the updated fast pair experience on hashtag android and. There's a photo of new pixel buds with fast pair and a photo of the all white pixel buds a connecting to a what looks like a pixel five so this tweet goes up around midday i think and it stays up for about twenty minutes and then a bunch of people like us noticed that it was up and start tweeting about it. I quote tweeted at saying that. This was the most google thing to ever happen and then about five minutes later. The tweet goes dead. Thankfully everybody knew that it would go dead so they took screen shots. And that's why we have these this evidence for posterity. Not a big surprise. Ara we know that know that this is coming now. Probably know that. It's coming at google. I o but this is interesting because we weren't really sure how google was going to market this It's obviously less. There's less color the the ones that we've seen. It's a single tone color scheme for all of them. So there's an all white probably in all black and i believe it was all green dark

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