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It's like. Maybe that's something i should throw into the pre show conversation is everybody should just like cheers something when i say that because everybody doesn't know what to do so it's always a real mixed reaction like what am i supposed to talk or is he going to keep going or what's what's happening. But let's do meet everybody individually in alphabetically starting with returning champs nikki bond is here hello champ. Wow that's the first time i've ever been called that thank you. It's good way you didn't have a dad. Who made you toss the ball around some. What's left he left on. Now he's back he Still doesn't do much though. Okay well you should try to get a hey champ out of him because out was Has a real go-to for way. We're dads. I'll definitely try that on the next episode. Oh my podcast fourche. Yeah then you know the time with you. Brief they'd really tried to pump up to go by calling your champ. You truly are champ because you won the games portion of the show last week. So that's the the prize. Is you get to return once again. And then you actually said yes. Yet will yeah. This is a big deal. It makes are you. Are you prepared for this to to You know drag on and on like would you be comfortable being a eight or nine week champion. If it went that way injured. Were saying the best bit. It's ever happened on back. Even if i don't win i'm cooking show up and say you said i was the champ so i'm back okay. Yeah well that's that's dig about zoo is you know you're you're welcome to hang out but we we have the button and you of course the of the. Whoa dad podcast. Which has a very interesting premise. Yes speaking of my dad. That wasn't around champ. Give me a bandmann issues He's a rock and roll. Liza jazz drummer mostly. But he left and then he came back and so now. I have a podcast right. Teach him how to be a father so great. I realized i had to do it. Because he has no clue but also like just one day he saw a show he came and saw my stand up and afterwards his way of complementing me was like. I don't know why you doubt yourself obviously have deprived. Mccormick is like got what it takes. You're hilarious and you look sexy on stage. And i was like no dad. No can't call me sexy. Not i'm not with you podcast. Now i would say i. I would be surprised if a jazz drummer state around. I feel like it's very on branch. It's true it's true. Listen amy don't let them off the hook. I gotta follow the beat man right. And it's like that. That'd be a cliche for jazz musicians the cliche drummers but a jazz drummer lord well thank you for being here and we will see if you get come back another time very so. Can't also joining us also. Joining us is frequent guest. Pre and post bando. Ppp yeah you know me. It's amy miller. Yeah pandy baby host of the. Who's your god podcast. Yes also recorded without being able to see each other people people all the time but i love it if the camera was on right now i look so crazy. I don't know that you would work with me again soon. Just better

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