NPR Health Correspondent, Allison Aubrey, on the COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids

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Aubrey. We've been hearing for weeks now that this age group twelve to fifteen year olds are next. What do we know about how the vaccine works for them. Scherer we'll scientist at the fda have been reviewing the clinical trial data that included more than two thousand kids and it appears to be all positive children in this age. Group develop a lot of antibodies. They have very mild side effects and pfizer says older participants in the trial will continue to be monitored for long term protection and safety for an additional two years got it so as far as efficacy and side effects are concerned it's basically affecting them just like it as adults. Yeah pretty much so. I spoke to patricia stench field. She is a nonvoting member of. Cdc's advisory committee on immunization practices. This is the group that makes recommendations she says from what's been released so far. The vaccine appears to be very effective than this age. Group seems to be one hundred percent effective. No child in the study. How on that. Twelve to fifteen year old. Adolescence got kobe. Very few kids. Got a fever. Many had arm pain just like adults and stints field says the benefits seemed too far outweigh any risks. That's kind of incredible one hundred percent effective right. And that's what was shown in the trial setting now in the real world. We might come to find out. Isn't one hundred percent but certainly early suggests it's very very effective but it appears that some parents are hesitant to get this vaccine for their kids. Right yes a recent survey from the kaiser family foundation found only three in ten parents of children in this age groups they would they would get their child vaccinated as soon as the vaccine is available. Many say they'll wait now. I spoke to dr li beers about this. She's the president of the american academy of pediatrics. She says she's not surprised that there's hesitancy out there. And she says pediatricians are going to be working really hard in the coming weeks and months to reassure parents and help answer questions.

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