Man who was with Adam Toledo at time of police shooting is back in custody


Police are seeking additional charges against 21 year old Reuben Roman of the city's Edgewater neighborhood, and police say he was there when officers shot and killed 13 year old Adam Toledo during the overnight hours of March, 29 Roman at the time, was charged with misdemeanors and released. He was taken back into custody tonight on an outstanding unrelated warrant. CPD says Toledo, the 13 year old was armed when he was shot. Body and dash cam videos expected to be made public by mid next week after Toledo's family has a chance to review it. Also learning tonight from 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez that CPD is already planning to move some officers round in preparation for a possible reaction from city residents. Once that body and dash cam evidence is released to the public that days, often vacations will be canceled. Officers will be switching to the 12 hours shift details W G. And he's worried it'll negatively impact residents in high crime areas. In the South and West sides those that are doing prime gangbangers drug dealers everybody they know that if police are pulled out of the district that the opportunity to do bad Increases because the response time will be greater because no one will be around to apprehend them. Illinois health officials

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