Brazil's Feminism Disinformation Problem


In this episode. We're taking you inside one home in brazil where disinformation about. Feminism tested. the bond between a father and a daughter brazilian journalist giovanni fleck explains how women's rights have been attacked by fake news in brazil. I think one of the most disturbing things i've ever heard say was from this tape. Back in two thousand and three back then was another a congressman. He in congress when they in brasilia the capital in boston. I got into an argument with a congresswoman named maria. jose. You about brazil's past military dictatorships both scenarios fond of military power and jose against data ships. But it got personal and she called him a rapist and he just called her beach writing front of the media after that personality didn't back down from her he her again and said i'm not going to rape you because we're not worth auditory visual in brazil. We call this sort of behaviour by man machismo. There's no english equivalent for my cheese. Mill it is idea of hyper masculinity that dictates what a man and a society are supposed to be it is everywhere and it's made a lot of people believe that men are superior to women. Bolsonaro has been in politics the eighties before a long time. He was on the french this moment. Back in two thousand and three. When bolzano called jose you on national tv. This is more people started listening.

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