A Life in Leadership: Dr. Daniel Zinnel


All right one. This episode of supporting leaders podcasts. We have dr daniels in all and we discover that we went to the same program at creighton. our past probably like just just crossed each other But i'm so excited to have you on the show. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to have a conversation with us looking forward to it. So let's just start off and share with us a little bit about your background. I mean you seem to be involved in so many things. You can definitely tell. You're an advocate for a lot of different groups of people and and you're engaged in political things. The arts Work so share with us a little bit about who you are and what you do. Well i'll start at the beginning. I was I grew up in northwestern iowa outside of a tiny town called pomeroy which is about six hundred fifty people Youngest of four grip on the farm right across the road from my dad's parents my grandparents. So i saw them every day growing up which i am very grateful order but in small town iowa you have to do everything be involved in everything so i was in all four sports played. The charm sang in the choir. Did all of the things was in. Nhs or h ffa. So i truly am grateful for that Well rounded nece that. Allow me to really try so many things. And i think that's still kinda tested to my career in my life. I like to be involved. In a variety of even today North west island's pretty conservative and so growing up as a little boy was very challenging to to recognize what i was going through to see others. Who were like me and should not be alone and so i went to iowa. Central community. college burst in fort. Dodge years and then moved to into moines in two thousand six to perform at adventure land. So you're at adventure land in the summer of two thousand six and if you know eventually know there's a stage that comes up from out of the ground i performed Had eight shows everyday. They were short set. So it wasn't too long but i we a country show at patriotic show in greece. So that was a ton of fun. And i think really helped me develop competence in front of people because you have to have confidence when performing And then i started going to school full time while working fulltime in. I did that for ten years. Finish undergrad did a masters in health and then completed the doctor of education and leadership from creighton. But my career really started in nonprofit type. Still were still working nonprofits but it started working with individuals with intellectual disabilities and technically and still employed doing that type of work. That i transitioned to more part-time respite. But i have a client that i worked with since two thousand six which is just wild to think about the had that relationship with him for so long

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