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Wanna play four or work for nothing and maybe get a ring that's one i think these guys will start to surface we got one little indication that maybe brandon jennings is coveting a age you know some of but basically to be on the warriors he said yesterday you know this is the way they play and he was of very complimentary and he was a guy that i know the advance carter but boy vince carter's uh where almost forty one and and jennings esa guard somebody underplay without jennings far younger player he's doesn't seem like a good fit for the warriors 'cause he dominates the basketball vince carter it's amazing the vince carter still playing but but yeah i mean a you be interesting to see i bet you there will be especially since two rant did it and it worked on and we saw you know who seemed and we shall west do it and it worked there will be copycat guy is there will be guys i would say a half dozen guys will say i want to play there in the warriors would probably have their pick i i'd be surprised vince carter as an individual guys of it i mean i don't know we'll see whatever hey we should mention to cow guys get picked right by memphis you're you're the guy you love right out of bishop o'dowd you know either rabah rab rab goes to memphis causing cashflow classified not going out last year i mean abbari bird guys go into boston i saw that yeah so and jabbari bird may have a better pro future than rab because jabbar the birds of six six very senior we as strong defensive player can shoot the rockies a little bit more of an mba athlete then the marinos dead was right you remember calvin burke alvin bird he was i that it saint joe year when kid was a freshman are and subtle where he play noticing jolting jake adjacent afresh sean you're member these this stuff and he uh he went to villanova and then he got injured in didn't pan out but two kids from cal so he joining that that was jalen brown with the celtics yeah jim brown.

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