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Is eating late so i recommend do not eat your last meal within ninety minutes of going to sleep this is a critical that is completely doable yeah absolutely and by the way if people would just not eat right before going to sleep they could lose weight just they just stopped doing that that's a bad habit number one number two is that snacking is good i love snacking so in the book we have more than sixty recipes for meals we have snack options all i recommend people eat late nights tax if they're hungry rather than eating a meal okay so one hundred fifty calories a less is not going to hurt you then put your but to bed i mean simple as that but don't sit there and gouge john gorge on fifteen two thousand calories ice cream oh forget it you're not gonna win i mean seriously dr ian smith again the book is called the clean twenty number one new york times bestselling author shred and there's a reason you see dr smith everywhere it's because he's great he knows what he's doing he's great he looks great on tv because you know he's in shape some of these actors illustrate on tv camera tricks becoming their five hundred doc goodman did you popcorns good air popped popcorn is great oil stuff well oil you know boyle brings other things with it but i like air popped popcorn called pop i'm not the only air popped popcorn so people should try to get air popped popcorn but yeah it's light it's a whole grain believe it or not has all three parts of the grain it's when we add you know the butter and all the sugar and so once again this is the situation have some air popped popcorn i mentioned as a potential snack but be careful of all the ad is preservatives go in and third apparently there's one typographical error in the book and the clean snacks chapter you have was sabi peas and the snack last that's got to be a mistake what are you talking about the savvy peace delicious you don't like that aren't they great i love great on a handful it's dr ian smith always great to see you there who don't play some golf this year yes we are.

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