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Sounds like they're used fruitvale station. Defense i thought i was reaching for my taser. I i don't know what they're saying. I just know that this is the next thing that's coming. You don't know what he was reaching. We don't know what someone's reaching for when they reach back in their car. That's what the That's what the chief of police said during the press conference. Yeah shocking yeah. I was an accident. Yeah oh we don't know what he was doing with their on drugs see how he was they. They pulled him over for the air freshener in his own his mirror. Well was it blocking his vision. That's the that's the rationale. It's and it's another one of those we can't. We can't stop black people because we've been called for racial profiling so we're going to put in bullshit so that we can do. Oh they like to have air. I in their seal so there you go back. In december karen. Dario was driving his newly purchased. Chevy tahoe home when two cops pulled him over in windsor virginia whip out their guns and started barking. Orders with their weapons. Raised demanded that navarro. Who is black and latino. Get out of the suv. He looked in the mirror saw. He was being held at gunpoint. Then place the cell phone on the dashboard film. He repeatedly asked noah what was going on at one point even admitted to being afraid to leave his vehicle. One of the officers said yeah. You should be. Oh he's a second lieutenant in the. Us army medical corps was coming home to work in in full uniform. Do we not respect the troops where y which which person in in uniform should we be okay with so another thing. That was subject was broached during the debate. Well here's a voice say that part so when Black man served in the military back during world war two. They were often lis- when they got home for wearing their military uniforms because they were being up by displaying their pride in being in the military so that was one but this was also brought up in. If you were at the debate and you actually listen to the that officer. Tatum said you'd find out that he's probably a bad cop to. I'm shocked and stunned by this revelation. Yeah if he heard himself he he he would say and then the thing that was today because again he wasn't prepared with information so i got him on this one to what he did. He was debating without any information. What so so so today. He posted a video inside. The he's going to explain it but before he talks about the video and how the off. Though that was wrong he posted a video of somebody who killed the with a long gun to lead into that has to do ten right. That was in new mexico. This was in virginia. Neither one had anything to do with it and he was like well. Why was the. He's in the military. Why would he be afraid. The fucking had i wore. Bdu's us don't have them. Kevlar proof sit. They don't have kevlar in a well at your head either. they don't believe. I think i read some that. That was like a known corridor for being pulled over while black in. that's why he also went to a lighted location. Like that should have been the first thing that the guy knew the poltimore originally. He's going to alighted location. That's why he obviously is not trying to fuck shit up. He's trying to trying to get us on camera. He put his signal light so they know that he knew that they were behind it. Yeah and then he drove to area and the fucking cops said afterwards when he was trying to get him not to file charges against them he said yes. This happens a lot with might and it's usually with minorities is not all but it's like eighty percent of minorities. Well dr welby area and pull over so you already know that. This is what he's doing. 'cause you just admit that s what you knew was. Then he's through in. Well you know if you want to let this go we want arrest you but if you wanna fight it will will will will arrest you and you can go to court Great that's that sounds like it. That's i'm not even black. I'm angry changing the subject. I'm sorry there was there's an alabama. Gop senate candidate. He's extremely outraged at fair allegations. He was until he found out. There was a seventeen minute tape of him talking about sex with his mistress. he said. let me say unequivocally. These baseless allegations are entirely felt beginning in two thousand nineteen. This woman began texting communicating with me through social media while we exchange tax. She even visited my office. It was clear she had other intentions. That were bordering on obsession. I alerted my wife cindy to this. And we both agreed to cut off any and all communication with her while he was summoning all of that righteous indignation a legal assistant who merrill said he was almost certainly was not having affair with was handing. Al dot com a seventeen minute recording a phone call between the two of them. The indicated otherwise they were discussing various sexual acts performed. during dozens of romantic encounters. Merrill appeared to be trying to end the affair saying on tape that he was seeking. The lord's help stay away from the woman because he put it on them. I read. I read this story before you before you posted it see was a free see put it on. And he had to seek the lord to get away from that walks. That's what it was wasn't it wasn't just that it wasn't just that wop kareem. Oh no because we have some screen shots where where he says Oh this is this is what she says. It was a picture of her and part of it is scribbled out. You know because you wanna make sure that it's safer twitter but it is a screen. Grab of a phone and She is wearing a a wearable fallas. She said i can't. I can't for you to go to ono. He says. I can't for you to tie me up to the bed and make me beg for your cock. I want to tell you up and swallow your ball. Suck that hard cock and fuck you up that ass. Would you like that he replies. Of course you'll be rewarded for your patience. I can't talk anymore we'll talk. Oh my god look if that's what you like good for you. But it wasn't. It wasn't the wop. The the sex thing message leaked included him. Asking to be pegged buys mistress. So there you go. He's the alabama secretary of state He has a fixation with homosexual activities. Saying it was harming the us moral core. He blamed the media of course and soccer star. Megan rappeneau wow right..

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